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Harish Patel shares details about his Marvel movie 

Thursday, May 13, 2021 • Tamil Comments

Harish Patel shares details about his Marvel movie 

Indian Marvel fans were super excited when they spotted Bollywood actor Harish Patel in the glimpse of an upcoming Marvel project. At the time, Harish refrained from revealing anything at all about the project but recently he decided to share a few details. He shared that he has a very minor role in the movie and begins and ends at same moment which was seen in the teaser. 

He also shared, "In India, I am a character actor. Here people think I am sitting idle but I am regularly doing work there (in the West). I am very happy that I am getting attention (here) after so many years. People would often refer to me as Ibu Hatela from 'Gunda' but I feel my work in other films was equally good.”

Harish went on to share an interesting incident from the table read of the film. Apparently, he didn't know any of the stars working alongside him except for Angelina Jolie. He shared, "While we were reading Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani were sitting on my left and right hand side. I haven't seen 'Game of Thrones'. I told Kumail that I am not that good or fluent with English and I don't know anyone of them present here. I guess he told everyone about this and they all smiled at me and were so humble." 

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