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Happy Happyga Music Review

Happy Happyga Music Review
Ocean Films
Varun Sandesh, Vega, Saranya Mohan and others
Vadlamudi Durga Prasad
Happy Happyga
Merry Attempt
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • తెలుగు] Comments

Mani Sharma gets off to make another youthful album- Happy Happyga. Just like the title, the composer has tried his best to make it youthful and lively. Out of the six songs, three songs might entertain and please your senses.

Yeduraiyeh    Listen here

Artist(s): Rahul Nambiar
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

The first song starts with humming of the chorus, signature Mani Sharma style! Rahul pips in with his voice and he's not got his Telugu nuances right although his singing is brilliant.  Mani has held his harmony right through out the song. The tune is not attractive like the usual first number of Mani Sharma's album! The fillers are pleasing in places and the tempo of the song varies as well.

Navvalante   Listen here

Artist(s): Haricharan, Rita
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

The humming and the tune that follows up to the first paragraph of the song is an amazing composition by Mani Sharma. Exquisite usage of music instruments, an excellent blend that will please your musical senses. Haricharan and Rita make it so obvious at a few places of the song that Telugu is not their mother tongue; do we have a dearth of Telugu singers? Seetharama Sastry's lyrics are romantic especially in the sub-verses. Mani's background music in the middle of the verses is splendid, notice the strings, they don't fail to entice you!

Aagaleka   Listen here

Artist(s): Roja
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

A folk song by amazing singer Roja. Notice the vocals in the beginning of the song that slowly moves presto. It seems like an item song in the movie. The song can also be considered as a mass number when you notice the rendition by the chorus. The strings are used extremely well as fillers. The background music is infused with folk beats and other folk instruments. A lively song that might receive your attention, only at theatres.

Madhuranubhavama   Listen here

Artist(s): Hemachandra
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

It seems like it has been a long time since Mani Sharma has used the piano. In `Madhuranubhavama' he starts the song so pleasingly with the piano grabbing your attention right from starting of the song. Hemachandra's mellifluous voice clearly delivers Seetharama Sastry's lyrics talking about love. Besides the piano, the usage of veena as soon as the first paragraph completes is amazing. Listen to those notes, they are incredible. As soon as the veena is used, the piano comes back. The best of Mani Sharma's variety presented to you. Being a soft song, a lot relies on the singer's voice balance; Hemachandra has done an extraordinary job. The pick of the album!

Gundello   Listen here

Artist(s): Karthik
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

The start of the song sounds different. Mani seems to have modified a couple of his old compositions and blended them in to this one. It reminds you of popular Mani Sharma hit numbers may be because of the beats in the background though they have been cleverly modified to sound new. The mid verses sound moderately modified though the fillers are amazing. May be Mani Sharma is consciously using different instruments to offer variety. This time the flute is used extraordinarily. Karthik sings admirably as usual.

Putukku Jara Jara   Listen here

Artist(s): Hemachandra, Deepthichary
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

The dance number of the album. The start up rendition is youthful, foot tapping because of the percussions and the singers start singing. The lyrics are youthful as well. Hemachandra sang the `Bommali' song from `Billa' and he's been roped in to sing this hit in the making as well. He's done a brilliant job along with Deepthi who's given an equally competitive performance. The strings in the song along with the techno beats are praise worthy. They hold your attention for most of the time.  The fillers, the background, etc. everything seems right and this song might be yet another chart topper from Mani Sharma.

Mani Sharma's Euphonious Orchestration

The highlight of this album is Mani Sharma's usage of musical instruments in the songs. He's the most sought after music director and has lived up to the expectations. Though only `Navvalante.', `Madhuranubhavama.' and `Putukku Jara Jara.' songs figure in the good list, Mani Sharma's music is a great asset to `Happy Happyga'.