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Gunna Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, July 26, 2005 • Kannada ]
Gunna Review
Mayur Patel, Chaitra Hallikeri, Rangayana Raghu

The release of Kannada film "Gunna" attracted huge media attention for one important reason. Though the film did not have any big star cast to boast, except for a guest appearance by Sudeep, the producers had publicized that they are making attempts to use the "olfaction" method in one Bangalore theatre to create a soothing ambience for the film audience to enjoy the song sequences of the film. The "olfaction" method was also used in the fifties in the Hollywood, but it did not attract many buyers. The "olfaction" method envisages a lovely odor coming out in the theatre during the song sequences. It was said that this was one of the ways to attract the crowd, which was moving away from the theatres. But unfortunately, this attempt did not attract, as the smell that was coming out was not enjoyable.

Notwithstanding this minor bottleneck, the film fails to entertain the audience mainly because the debutant director has tried to do many things in his first film. There are many sequences in the film that have been lifted from some popular non-Kannada films. The whole film falls flat because of its pedestrian presentation, music and also surprisingly the camera work by Sundaranatha Suvarna. Except for the efforts taken by the film's hero Mayur Patel and Rangayana Raghu who has a major role in the film, the film would have reached still lower depths.

The story of the film revolves around Shambhu, living in a slum with some poor people. Shambu has the capacity to solve many problems with tactfulness. A Don Rangayana Raghu who is in deep love with Chaitra Hallikeri liked this quality in Shambu. Raghu engages Mayur to create a right atmosphere for Chaitra to love him. In the process, Chaitra starts loving Mayur. This is not to the liking of Raghu who wants to take revenge on Mayur and his friends in the slum. Finally Mayur wins the battle and Chaitra.

"Gunna" has more number of action sequences, but they are not crafted very well. The film is a mix of an ordinary story and pedestrian narration. Though the artists have done their duty and have come out well, the impression about the film comes down because of the poor technical standards of the film. Mayur Patel had shown his mettle in his first film "Mani', but in his later films including "Gunna" he is below his potential. May be because of the poor script. Rangayana Raghu who has been performing his roles well in recent days has come out good even in this film. Chaitra Hallikeri is seen only in a few sequences and songs. Sudeep as a guest artist appears in a Song sequence and a fight sequence, but that does not lift the film.

"Gunna" could have been a better film if the director Dwarki had taken strains to work hard on the script. But it looks he is happy to make scripts with some sequences from non-Kannada films. "Gunna" is just an average film. There are many good choices for you in this summer for the viewers.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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