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Gudumba Shankar Music Review

Gudumba Shankar Music Review
Pawan Kalyan, Meera Jasmine
Veera Shankar
Pulling the right chords
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, August 14, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

As a music director, Mani Sharma has little left to prove. He has shown time and again that he is a dependable ally of any film-maker. Gudumba Shankar underscores that point. Though this is not his best effort. It, by any yardstick, is not his worst, too. This album is certainly above mediocre but does not reach any exalted heights.

1. Le Le Le Le

KK (Krishna Kumar to the uninitiated) is a Keralite who has spent most part of his life up North. So he is in a unique position to combine the essential melody of his home State with the refreshing rhythm of the northerners. Just listen to Le Le Le and you will understand how it is possible. KK has infused an ineffable and attractive tenderness to this rollicking number.
2. Chigurakuchatu Chilaka

This is Mani Sharma's specialty. On the face of it, the tune may seem common place. But just after a couple of listenings, you have a different opinion. S P B Charan and Sujatha are, as is their wont, are efficient and ebullient. Full marks to them for giving the right tonal effects at the right place.

3. Chilakamma Mukkuki

This is a song that beats description. It has many strains to it. Obviously, it must be a situation song as it begins with soulfully in Carnatic style but soon meanders into a drum-beat rhythm tune. It is a fun song and Sivardhini, Karthik and Hanumantha Rao are diligent in their approach.
4. Chitti Nadumune

Then again, this is also dual-faced song --- there is rap woven into the strands of melody. The rap, in its isolation, is good, but in the context of this soft number doesn't really gel. Mallikharjuna Rao is efficient while Premji, as the rapper, is also okay.

5. Emantaro

This is perhaps the song of the album. The success may be because Mani Sharma has played safe by sticking to the basics. This is a simple straightforward duet with S P B Charan and Harini combining with felicitous ease and understanding. The tune is simple but instantly attractive and identifiable. Mani Sharma gets full marks. And so do the two young singers.

6. Killi Killi
This is again a situational song that begins with Pawan Kalyan himself `throating' a few lines. This is an abstruse number in the sense that it is fall into a predictable pattern. Mallikharjuna Rao is in fine fettle in this song and he comes out on top. The orchestration is minimal and effective.

Mani Sharma seems to have pulled the right chords for the right effect. But that may be the problem. It appeals to your senses, but not to your soul.