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Gowramma Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Sunday, July 10, 2005 • Kannada ]
Gowramma Review
Upendra, Ramya, Sreenivasa Murthy, Ramesh Bhat, Chetan, Maina Chandru, Sathyajith, Chitra Shenoy, Sadhu Kokila, Komal
Sailendra Babu
S.A.Raj Kumar

You have to believe this. A film starring Upendra without the usual fights and without the presence of underworld has been released and it is really a good presentation.

 Producer Shylendra Babu who had earlier made an action packed entertainer in ''Kutumba'' has done just the opposite this time and in all probability may well prove to be lucky again. His latest presentation ''Gowramma'' is extremely watchable for its fun loving characters, down to earth dialogues and some wonderfully shot songs.

 Many of the songs are melodious, but there is one mass song that stands out among the list. ''Kolthalallappo Kolthalallappo'' song makes you to jump on your seats even as Upendra dances in his own imitable style. Though most of Upendra's films are liked by a majority of mass audience, this one film is made for the entire family audience. Even the film's title could be misleading to his ardent fans that are used to hero-oriented titles.

 ''Gowramma'' is the remake of the Telugu Hit ''Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav'' starring Venkatesh and Arati Agarwal in the lead. The Telugu film directed by Vijaya Bhasakar was a big hit and had even won a Nandi Award for the Best film category from the Andhra Pradesh Government. Naganna, better known for his neat presentations, directs the Kannada version of this film. Indeed 'Gowramma'' is an addition to the list of some good films that were released recently.

 The film has Upendra in a Good Samaritan role who is extremely fun loving and at the same time helpful. Upendra (Venky in the film) hails from a small town attached to his father. But he is considered as a good for nothing fellow even by his father (Ramesh Bhat). His father wants Venky to do some productive job other than looking the agriculture fields. He sends him to the city to meet one of his childhood friends (Srinivasa Murthy) to get a job.

 Venky has to stay with his father's friend till he gets a job. Meanwhile, Venky comes meets with Murthy's daughter Gowramma who has been engaged to an NRI. Venky impresses Gowramma and the other members of her family with his ability to solve problems and his good-humored nature.

 Slowly Gowramma starts liking Venky and even makes her intentions known clearly. But Venky feels otherwise and feels that he should not make moves, as any attempt to secure Gowramma may mean an estrangement between his father and Murthy. But Gowramma persists in her attempt to get Venky. Finally, Venky wins the heart of Gowramma's father who finds even some of the American NRI's are just money minded and want to squeeze money out of him. He accepts Venky with open arms.

 Upendra proves his versatility by a wonderful performance. He steals the show in every sequence. Since the film has room for some innovations, Upendra delivers everything in his own brand and the comedy sequences come off very well. Ramya looks glamorous, but she has to really improve in emotional sequences.

 Naganna has also depended on some extremely competent actors like Komal, Doddanna, and Sadhu Kokila who have also made some value additions to the film. Character artists Srinivasa Murthy, Chitra Shenoy and Ramesh Bhat have performed their roles adequately.

 Another strong point of ''Gowramma'' is the songs rendered by music director S.A.Raj Kumar. Besides the mass song, two more songs ''Baaninda Jaari..'' and ''Aha entha santhosa'' songs are hummable tunes. It is to the credit of Naganna that he brings the best out of S.A.Raj Kumar.

 ''Gowramma'' is a must see for Upendra fans. Even otherwise it is a good family entertainer with good package of fun, good visuals and a bit of emotion.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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