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Gopala Gopala Music Review

Gopala Gopala Music Review
Suresh Productions and North Star Entertainment
Victory Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, Mithun Chakraborty, Shriya Saran, Posani Krishna Murali, Krishnudu, Raghu Babu, Ranganath, Vennela Kishore, Prudhvi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Madhu Shalini, Anisa Ambrose, Prudhvi, Diksha Panth
Kishore Kumar Pardasani (Dolly)
D.Suresh Babu and Sharat Marar
Anoop Rubens
Go, pal, get it
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 • Telugu Comments

The much-awaited album from the craze of the season, Anoop Rubens, lives up to our expectations.  With lyrics from the likes of Sirivennela, Chandrabose, Ananth Sriram, the album is complete with both content and form.

Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam and Haricharan are voices to watch out for.


Artist: Kailash Kher
Lyricist: Chandrabose

It's Chandrabose at his message-giver best.  It is surely going to go down as one of the most revered lyrical hits by youngsters like his 'Mounangane Edagamani..' from 'Na Autograph', if not in terms of the popularity but surely in terms of the affection showered on it.  Kailash Kher is the apt choice for this simple yet profound song that takes potshots at our obsession with superstitious beliefs.  By contrasting the lay man's bad omen with the learned's contradicting deification of the same, the lyrics are both entertaining and message-bestowing.  Anoop Rubens' music is distinct without noise.

Needhe Needhe

Artist: Sonu Nigam
Lyricist: Sirivennela Sitaramasastry

Sirivennela's philosophical bent of mind lends a Midas Touch to this profound song.  This is yet another meaningful number in the album.  Rooted in the idea of 'Aham Brahmasmi', it laces high-brow ideas in a less-than-esoteric language.  Sonu Nigam's vocals take the song to another level, laced with vocal depth.  Anoop Rubens does a balancing act and succeeds in taking the song to the less discerning.  By aptly helping Sonu modulate his voice, he brings a dash of nativity.

Bhaje Bhaje

Artist: Haricharan
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram

Perhaps, the breadth of the song doesn't sound enough for a multi-starrer movie like Gopala Gopala.  The only hope is picturization.  Apart from sounding routine, it has shades of this or that 'nacha nache' numbers of even a bygone era.  Haricharan is a relief and brings his talent to the song's rescue.  Ananth Sriram pens lyrics laden with poetic quality.

Gopala Gopala (Theme)

Artist: Haricharan

The theme song sounds intense enough to be as the film's running song in the climax parts.  Anoop Rubens treads a less beaten path, at least for himself.  The instrumentation is fine.  Haricharan is at his usual best.

Verdict: An album that has two hummable and enjoyable songs, it has lyrics that are for the discerning as well as the casual listener.

Rating: 3.25/5