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Githan Music Review

Githan Music Review
Radaan / Super Good Films
Ramesh, Pooja, Livingston, Nalini and Sarath Kumnar
Vincent Selva
Radhika Sarathkumar
Srikanth Deva
Recycled tunes
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, April 27, 2005 • தமிழ்] Comments

Srikanth Deva won a name for himself after his hit songs in M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi, has given a mix of western and typical folk number in Githan.

Though junior Deva deserves a special mention for trying out different sounds in this album, most of the tunes remind you of songs of few earlier films including that of his father.

1) Ennai Thedi (Sunitha Sarathy, Karthik)

This western hip-hop number has excellent rhythm and seems perfect for disco floors. Sunitha Sarathy known for rendering with ease and elegance such songs, combines well with Karthik, to make the song more foot-tapping and entertaining. And Karthik's own voice is easy as butter. But the tune is nothing to write home about.

2) Coimbatore Coimbatore (Srikanth Deva, Febi) This song is certainly aimed at replicating Mexican tango with heavy beats. Belting out this summer blast of a song is newly married couple Febi and Srikanth Deva, themselves. Though the song begins on a brisk note evoking interest, it winds up reminding one of the famous western numbers of Ricky Martin. The lyrics seem to be a major let down with no sense.

3) Kadhaliyae Kadhaliyae  (Harish Raghavendra)

It is a melodious romantic number all about the hero describing his love. Harish Raghavendra, known to hit the bull's eye in such melodious numbers, does an excellent job. Unfortunately, his hard work seems to go waste since the song appears to be a perfect rehash of his own hit number Sakarai Nilavae in Vijay starrer Youth.

4) Ah Muthal Akku Thaanada (Shankar Mahadevan) A bundle of energy is Shankar Mahadevan. He has carried it for this mass song too. It's a peppy number with all 'dappanguthu' elements accompanied by 'Thaarai' and 'Thappatai'. Srikanth Deva seems to have been inspired by his father Deva, who is quite popular for such numbers.

5) Naan Thaan Kadavulada (Ranjith) It's again a fast number reminding few songs of early days of A R Rahman. Unfortunately the heavy orchestration ends up not going hand in glove with the lyrics. Certainly, an old wine in a new bottle. But Ranjith's voice seems to stand the rigours very well.

6) Thaalatu Paatu (Febi) Febi, who otherwise is known for her verve-filled voice, has sung with gusto this thalattu pattu (a lullaby). Scores of violin effectively recreate the mood and Febi's voice just adds juice to essential flavor. The pick of the album with Febi's sweet humming accompanied by melancholy strains from violin.

But on the whole, Srikanth Deva shows promise. And he also leaves you with the feeling 'could have been better'.