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Gharshana Music Review

Gharshana Music Review
Venkatesh, Asin, Yana Gupta, Amitha, Chandana, Rajesh, Sami, Balaji, Ravi, Vamsi
Gautam Menon
C.Venkata Raju, G.Siva Raju
Harris Jayaraj
A winner all the way
Thursday, July 8, 2004 • Telugu Comments

He is from the stable of A R Rehman. And he has the same verve and touch. Yet, Harris Jeyaraj is hardly written about (in Tollywood) as much as his illustrious mentor.

Perhaps Gharshana's music will change all that. Though almost a replica of the Tamil original Kaakha Kaakha, Gharshana's music has it all --- melody and rhythm, lilt and loudness. It has a modern, gritty feel. Yet, the tunes are soulful.

Like Vasu, Harris Jeyarajs previous movie with Venkatesh, Gharshana's songs too are set for top of the charts.

1. Cheliya Cheliya

The first song sets the tone and timbre for the entire cassette. Sung with full-throated vivacity by KK and Suchitra, the song is rhythmic and rhapsodic. There is techno gimmickry (a la Rehman) in the song. But the song instantly catches your attention with its energy.

2. Andagaada
Sung by the supremely talented Bombay Jayashree in the Tamil original, this song in Telugu falls slightly below expectations simply because Harini's voice is not in fine fettle. Her voice does not move so easily in higher octaves, as does Jayashree's. Yet, Harini has infused the song with expected energy and feel.

3. Ye Chilipi

Srinivas is in his elements in this song that has many Hindi interludes. This is a number that grows on you (especially since it is slow-paced). Srinivas is simply brilliant and makes an instant impact as he brings out the essential feel of Kulasekhar's lyrics.
4. Aadatanama Choodatarama

Sunitha Sarathy is perhaps the new girl on the block.The girl who won our hearts through the Yuva song Hello Goodbye, is surely a talent to watch as this song bears out. Along with Febimani, Sunitha just waltzes through with seeming ease.

5. Nanne Nanne

There is something ineffable about Tippu's vocal chords.He is bold, yet can bring out the softest nuance in the tune and lyric. He manages that alongside the gutsy Shalini Singh. In this fast-paced number, both are gritty and sing with rare gusto.

(There are two themes under the title Encounter and Theme of Gharshana in the album).

Quite simply, Gharshana's music is a feet-tapping winner.