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Gam Gam Ganesha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 31, 2024 • Hindi ]
Gam Gam Ganesha Review
Anand Deverakonda, Pragati Srivastava, Nayan Sarika, Emmanuel, Vennela Kishore, Raj Arjun, Satyam Rajesh
Uday Bommisetty
Kedar Selagamsetty & Vamsi Karumanchi
Chaitan Bharadwaj

Gam Gam Ganesha Movie Review

Gam Gam Ganesha revolves around a small-time thief whose ambitious plans to dream big lead him into a series of tricky situations during Ganesh Chaturthi. The story follows his journey as he navigates these challenges and finds ways to overcome them.


Petty thief Ganesh (Anand Devarakonda) is driven to aim for bigger things in life after enduring a series of painful events. These events, including personal tragedies and betrayals, shape his outlook and fuel his ambition. As Ganesh pursues his grand plans, his actions lead him into a complex web involving various characters.

Gam Gam Ganesha Movie Review

Shruti (Nayan Sarika) is a pivotal figure in Ganesh's life, offering him support and guidance. Neelaveni (Pragathi Shrivatsav) represents a moral dilemma for Ganesh, as he must navigate his feelings for her while staying true to his ambitions. Kishore Reddy (Raj Arjun) is a formidable adversary, whose conflict with Ganesh adds layers to the narrative.

David (Vennela Kishore) provides comic relief amidst the tension, while Rajavaru (Sathyam Rajesh) and Arun Sutharia (Prince) play significant roles in Ganesh's journey, each influencing his decisions in unique ways. Shankar (Jabardasth Emmanuel) and Rudra (Krishna Chaitanya) add twists to the story, challenging Ganesh and pushing him towards his ultimate fate.

Together, these characters form a complex and engaging narrative, showcasing Ganesh's evolution as he grapples with his past, present circumstances, and the people around him.

Gam Gam Ganesha Movie Review


Anand Devarakonda delivered a strong performance in a different and more commercial role, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. While his initial actions may have irked some viewers, he eventually wins them over with his portrayal. However, there is room for improvement in his dialogue delivery.

The film lacks prominent female leads, which may disappoint some viewers. Nayan Sarika and Pragathi Srivatsav make brief appearances, mainly for song sequences. Among the supporting cast, Vennela Kishore shines, while Satyam Rajesh delivers an adequate performance. Raj Arjun fails to leave a lasting impression, while Prince, Jabardasth Emmanuel, and Krishna Chaitanya deliver their roles as required.

Gam Gam Ganesha Movie Review

Director Uday Bommisetty aimed to entertain audiences with a crime comedy, incorporating numerous jokes and attempting to infuse a quirky vibe into the content. However, these efforts fall flat. The first half of the film lacks substantial development, relying on frivolous scenes to drive the narrative. The second half descends into further chaos and lacks coherence. While a few comedy scenes land well, most feel stale, and the climax adds more confusion than resolution.

Chaitan Bharadwaj's music fails to make an impact, acting as a hindrance rather than a complement to the film. However, he compensates with a noteworthy background score that enhances the overall viewing experience. Aditya Javvadi's cinematography effectively captures the raw and rustic atmosphere of the village setting. However, Karthika Srinivas's editing falls short, failing to trim many dragging scenes and maintain a cohesive pace. Despite these shortcomings, the film boasts good production values.

Gam Gam Ganesha Movie Review


Anand Devarakonda poured his heart and soul into his role in "Gam Gam Ganesha," delivering a commendable performance. Uday Bommisetty entertains with Gam Gam Ganesha but little finetuning of script and few more hilarious scenes would have bettered the result.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0


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