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FM Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, November 20, 2007 • తెలుగు ]
FM Review
Utopia Entertainers
R.K., Adnan Sajid Khan, Azeez Nazer, Kautilya, Nouva Monica, Paayal Sarkar, Siva Verma, Satyakrishna, Mimaith Khan, Basha, Narasimha
Sekhar Surya
R.K., Dorai Swamy
Adil Hussaini, Shiek

Given the suprising success of Hyderabad Nawabs, one is bound to have high expectations from Fun aur Masti, a film from the same production house. The film is essentially a love story laced with loads of Hyderabadi humour or so the filmmakers have tried. It is still a bit raw in terms of production values, but nevertheless has the same local feel to it as its predecessor.

As for the story, it is about a don called Gullu bhai (Adnan Sajid Khan) who thinks he is a top mafia don. Johnny on the other hand is a guy who sells medicines for a livelihood. He falls for Rosy (Payal Sarcar). Luckily for him, she too reciprocates his love. Incidentally, she is the sister of a police officer David (RK). Then there is Hussain, who dreams of becoming a painter like M F Hussain. Naturally, the plot and the subplot of David and Hussain provide enough scope for some comic capers. As the love story progresses, Gullu bhai cheats Johnny and Hussain of their hard-earned money. So the rest of the movie shows how the gang of friends teaches Gullu bhai a lesson he won't forget soon. How they do it, is for you to watch.

If one comes to the performance bit, then it has to be mentioned that RK, who did a well-etched character in Hyderabad Nawabs too gets to play a good character in this film too. Adnan Sajid is at his best and almost reminds one of Brahmanandam in Money. The girls too do their job well. Payal is real cute, while Nouva is adequate. Satyakrishna does her bit as the nagging and dominating wife well. An added highlight for the mass audience is the number by Mumaith Khan.

Though it's a low budget film, the production values are in tandem with the making of a film with a Hyderabadi slant to the script. RK's story is good enough, though he could have sharpened the script a bit more. The director too should have concentrated more on the screenplay and the story. Cinematography is good and editing by Hari Nandamuri is quite professional.

All in all, it is a film that will appeal to people who don't mind watching films with a strong Hyderabadi influence. The making is a bit raw and could be a bit disappointing if you have watched Hyderabad Nawabs. But it manages to hold its ground post that film. The first half of Fun Aur Masti is better than the second half as the comedy pales. But it is an entertainer and a film that will appeal to the average movie-goers. Also anyone who love Hyderabad and its local lingo, will not be disappointed.

Cast: RK, PayalSarkar Monica Nouva, SatyaKrishna and Others

Story and Dialogues: RK

Editing: Nandamuri Hari

Produced by: RK, Dorai Swamy

Directed by: Sekhar Surya

Release date: Nov 16, 2007

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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