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Fight Club Preview

Fight Club Peview
Suniel Shetty, Zayed Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Dino Morea, Sohail Khan, Aashish Choudhury, Ashmit Patel, Rahul Dev, Yash Tonk, Amrita Arora, Diya Mirza, Neha Dhupia
Vikram Chopra
Sohail Khan

Fight Club

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

A movie title couldn't have been simpler than this. When you have a film named 'Fight Club', you know exactly what is in the offering. There is no additional effort required to tell an audience what the movie is all about as the title itself carries a lot of publicity along with it. OK, so in an action movie there could be elements of laughter, fun and love too but the basic plot of a movie still conveys two things - lots of fists and kicks.

Have you lately picked up a fight? If so, then you very well understand the nuances of beating up and also getting beaten up. Do you need help, then well, don't really worry about that as the help is just around the corner!

Welcome to Fight Club!

A 'Fight Club' that comprises of boys turning into men - Vicky (Zayed Khan), Karan (Dino Morea), Somil (Ritiesh Deshmukh) and Diku (Aashish Choudhary). Each of them shares an amazing camaraderie with each other. They have fun together, they are as much as real brothers than just being friends and they know that they can get out of any situation if they are together.

In an attempt to be together always and be helpful to themselves and others who are oppressed, they come across an idea of forming a FIGHT CLUB. Together they intend to be a FORCE that could put any opposition on their knees. The idea is floated by none other than Vicky who is the apple of eyes of everyone in the group. He has an inherent charm, is witty, popular amongst both men and women and loves to be loved!

The group is formed which is for MEMBERS ONLY. The first members are Somil, Diku and Karan and each of them have a story of their own that has impacted their lives.

Somil is a person who acts with his mind rather than impulse. He has some of his own scores to settle and looks at doing that with the help of his friends.

Diku, just like Vicki, loves to be right UP THERE inspite of number of shortcomings. These very shortcomings make him as well as people aroud him enjoy a hearty laugh!

In contrast Karan is not too sure about this decision but nevertheless joins the CLUB because of his undying affection and love for his friends.

It's not that the boys have a completely boring life with just FIGHTS in their mind. They too have their own love lives in the form of Shonali [Amrita Arora] and Anu [Dia Mirza]. While Shonali is a singer-dancer who falls heads over heel in love with Karan, Anu (who is Karan's sister), inspite of her flirtatious mannerisms, wins the heart of Vicky who is looking for his perfect woman.

As destiny would have decided, all the members of the FIGHT CLUB reach Delhi to ensure that a nightclub called 'Crossroads' is trouble free as it has caught attention of a few gangs. This is where number of other important characters in the movie are introduced. They are Anna [Suneil Shetty], Dinesh [Ashmit Patel], Sandy [Rahul Dev] and Mohit [Yash Tonk].

Anna was once the biggest gang lord of all who had his network of illegal activities spread all over, but now his only love was his brother Mohit. While Anna doted on Mohit, Mohit in turn was most influenced by one individual - Dinesh. As if it was a circle of relationships, Dinesh, a ruthless underworld don, wanted his brother Sandy to rule the underworld. To make the circle complete, Sandy admired Anna the most as his right hand man.

With so much at stake, the going was always meant to get tough. Circumstances take an ugly turn and Mohit gets killed. Its the time of vengeance.a clash is in the waiting. What would happen next? And how does the future of 'Fight Club' look from hereon? Would they be able to defeat the mighty?

Perhaps they could, but then a little more help is always welcome!

Help come