Feature Article: Tollywood Stars Re-imagined as Superheroes (Male)

The term Superhero refers to a fictional character that has supernatural powers and strength to fight against the bad in the world!

Now, we have seen many Hollywood actors actually playing the real superhero roles, be it Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. But, what if we took a new twist and re-imagine those superhero characters with our Telugu actors?

Sounds pretty dope, doesn't it?

So, here's the list of Telugu actors who would apt to a superhero character just right!

10. Ram Potineni as Flash:

The fastest man alive in the universe! He uses his abilities to fight the crime in just a fraction of seconds. His special powers include act, think and walk at the speed of light and even less. The fastest superhero of all the comics put together from the Flash family and one of the best legacies of Justice League family. Ram fits the role as he is quick to learn and his quirkiness fits well with Flash and his intellectualness. Ram too is fast and fierce at the same time.

09. Prakash Raj as Hal Jordan (Green Lantern):

This superhero is famous for his 'power rings'. His rings possess some pretty amazing supernatural powers, including healing injuries, flight, turning objects\peoiple invisible, excessive burst of power and energy and you name it. The rings are the main source of energy and life for the Green Lantern, a superhero who wisely uses these powers and who could fit this superhero's character better than Prakash Raj? His classy vibe and his thoughtfulness just ring well with the original back-drop of Hal Jordan.

08. Prabhas as Wolverine:

The animal like adaptations of the body and a supernatural power of healing any big disease or injury just by the touch of it is the power of superhero Wolverine. He is the epitome of strength, compassion and ruthless killing of the wrong-doers. He is sharp and edgy, which is why Prabhas would fit well with this superhero's character. The re-imagine of Prabhas with claws-on and his fierce temper (the animalistic side) would perfectly match the tone of Wolverine.

07. Ram Charan as Ironman:

A technically savvy superhero, who is super good with his brains and his intellect and has the power the fight the crime with his intelligence-induced technology. Ram Charan fits the role well because he too looks like the kind of guy who can be the sleek-cool but if wronged can actually be intelligent and tear down the opponent without having to put much effort.

06. N.T.R Jr. as Thor:

The superhero has the power to control the weather, flight, super-human resistance, and energy. Thor is the kind of beastly-superhero who would fight his battle until the last minute. A loyal, high spirited and energetic superhero and that’s why N.T.R Jr. would fit perfectly to this role. Be it his energy, his radiant glow of a real superhero and his ability to fight like there's no tomorrow are all contributing factors.

05. Rana Daggubati as Hercules:

Hercules is the epitome of super strength. He is capable of pounding mountains into powder with bare hands. His ability to lift, his reflexes, his supernatural strength and more always make him one of the best superheroes out there. He possesses the powers of the Olympian gold, and such strength should be depicted with someone who likes one. There’s no debate that Rana Daggubati would fit the role of Hercules perfectly without a second thought.

04. Allu Arjun as Aquaman:

The superhero of the underwater environment has the ability to telepathically communicate with the marine lives and has control over the blue life. Apart from being super intelligent and extremely rustic, Aquaman is the superhero of the water-life. Allu Arjun fits the role well, because, hello, he is just so hot like Aquaman and his rustic vibe and determination, which are keen observant factors of Aquaman would blend well with the role!

03. Varun Tej as Batman:

Batman is a super-genius with detective skills and indomitable spirit and will. He is extremely wealthy and his knowledge on science and his quick intelligence makes him one of the smartest superheroes out there. Varn Tej has this fire inside him that isn't as beastly like the Hercules but definitely classy and vibrant, like Batman. The intimidation factor which makes Batman more mysterious and mind-tricking is definitely there in Varun and that's why he’d suit the role of Batman well.

02. Mahesh Babu as Spiderman:

Spiderman is this geek who gets bit by a spider and gets supernatural abilities overnight. His powers include wall-crawling, intelligence, super strength, quick reflexes and humility. Spiderman's quirkiness, his emotional balance to be a normal human being but to fight the bad guy at the same time can be perfectly depicted by Mahesh. The guy is geeky like Peter Parker and sharp and energetic like Spidey! This is just a no-brainer.

01. Nagarjuna as Superman:

Superman is the superhero of superheroes. His powers include X-Ray vision, Flight, Heat Vision, ability to punish the bad guy with just his intense look, super strength, invulnerability and much more. Nagarjuna would fit the role of Superman because he is simple and dorky like Kal-El yet exudes the charm and energy of Superman. He is two personalities in one just like the superhero and that’s why he'd adapt well with the role!

Each superhero possesses a strength that is different in element than the other one and would affect the world for the better if used the right way. The fact that we do have actors that can perfectly be in-sync with the roles of superheroes yet we do not recognize them for their potent is a darn shame!

So, here was the light on the lost road that may be of some great thought.

The term Superhero refers to a fictional character that has supernatural powers and strength to fight against the bad in the world!