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Fashion Designer Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 2, 2017 • Telugu ]
Fashion Designer Review
Madhura Entertaiment
Sumanth Aswin, Anisha Ambrose, Manali Rathod, Manasa
Sreedhar Reddy
Mani Sharma
Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor

Andhagadu Movie Review

Yesteryear director Vamsy is back with a touted spiritual sequel to 'Fashion Designer Son Of Ladies Tailor'.  Here we tell you what is in store in the movie.


Gopalam (Sumanth Ashwin) is a ladies' tailor par excellence in a small-time village on the banks of Godavari.  He refuses to be called anything but a fashion designer and aspires to own a label of his own in a city.

Even as he yearns for investment money, luck has it that he is detected with a rare 'disorder'.  It's that he has Manmadha Rekha on his palm, a line that can make him the favourite of all eligible women in the town.

He now casts his eyes on one cash-rich girl after another so that he can strike gold overnight and eventually go on to find his wife-cum-investor.  It's Gedela Rani (Manasa Himavarshi) first, Ammulu (Manali Rathod) next, and Maha Lakshmi (Anisha Ambrose) last.

But his problems only compound towards the climax when he realizes that there is more to it than meets the eye.

How Gopalam manages to wriggle himself out of the tricky situation he finds himself in is what the climax is all about.


For an old-timer like Vamsy, this film has a lot many hits in store.  After a slew of uninteresting projects. the veteran director with a rare knack for organically native narration style strikes back with some fine writing and good technical output, especially Mani Sharma's music and Nagesh Bannel's cinematography.

Kalyan Raghav's pen brings out witty lines that have their roots in the native culture.  It's a sheer delight to listen to the irreverent language, complete with the typical dialect.  Vamsy's characters are weird and un-apologetically silly (especially Krishna Bhagawan, who claims his sense of humour is owed to a dog bite!), and there thankfully is no attempt to showcase villagers and village life in a romanticized fashion.

If Gopalam starts committing mistakes in a believable way (it's very realistic how he is unable to avoid Manali Rathod completely), the three girls come with their own quirks and/or dispositions.

Gedela Rani is unsophisticated (good!) and falls for the hero quite early (a bit unrealistic).  The way she is often kicked around by the hero brings back to memory the oddball wit of a bygone era.  Then there is Ammulu, the niece of Gavarraju, the village's dreaded deliverer of jungle justice.  She is allegedly widowed and when she falls for the hero, it's apparently because he saw her totally nude (destiny probably!).

Mahalakshmi falls for the hero in a jiffy, but the love track is otherwise well-narrated.

The film does hold important lessons in aesthetic directorial touch.  The scene where Mahalakshmi tells the hero how she loved him has an interlude of 3-4 poses by the banks of Godavari, wherein the pair's eyes spell emotions.  One often misses such expressions that speak so much nowadays.

'Ravi Varma Chitrama' song has got neat choreography.

Lines like 'Nuvvu natho unte veyyi barra godla balam vacchinattu untundi' and 'Nadi tailor soodhi, needi doctor soodhi' are impressive.  The hero breaking into 'Ja' language (popular since the days of Jama Jaccha) when he is excited feels good.

Everything said, the film overall works only for those who have a patience for certain kind of idiom.  The hero's sidekick could have been a Saptagiri, and his unfamiliarity is a minus.

Sumanth Ashwin acts confidently, displaying his self-confidence every time.  His physique and soft-core features allow him only a limited bandwidth, however.  Among the girls, Manasa is promising, while Manali is just OK.  Anisha is convincing, although she is more beautiful than how she is seen in the movie.  Krishnudu, who is good, should act more often.


This one is a throwback to an old-school style of story-telling.  Nevertheless, Vamsy's command over the native culture shows itself prominently.  Good dialogues and reasonably engaging screenplay help matters.

ఫ్యాషన్ డిజైనర్ తెలుగు వెర్షన్ మూవీ రివ్యూ

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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