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Fanaa Preview

Fanaa Peview
Yash Raj Films
Aamir Khan, Kajol
Kunal Kohli
Jatin Lalit


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Since the time one is born to the time one can start taking decisions all by one self, a human being is taught about the basic aspect of living life - to be able to judge what is wrong and what is right! And then make a decision about the path we need to take!

Though it seems difficult when heard first, one starts understanding it as one matures with age. But how about a different situation when one is faced with a different problem altogether? Because it couldn't have got trickier for Zooni Ali Beg [Kajol]!

She is at such a stage of her life when she has to decide about what is "GREATER OF THE TWO GOODS" or "LESSER OF TWO EVILS"!!

A simple girl by heart and in the way she lived her life, she first heard about this strange scenario from her father who advised her about this REAL challenge in life! And now it's upon her to take a cue from this advice and change the direction of her life. What happened to her? What was so difficult that she was forced to take a tough call at this juncture of her life?

After all she was just a young Kashmiri girl who wanted to live life to the fullest and cherish the beauty of her motherland. She wanted to "see" everything that life had to offer to her. So what, if she couldn't see from her eyes because of her being blind? She still had her heart and soul to tell her all about the beauty around her! These were the dreams with which she left home because now she wanted to look at all the colors that life had to offer her!

And this was the journey that made her meet Rehan Qadri [Aamir Khan]!

A local tour guide who had a flair for poetry, he knew how to use the words to maximum effect to win attention from the female folks. A flirt by nature, he had eyes for beauty in whatever format - women or everything that the world had to offer. This is what made him as someone who never made one place as his base as he moved on from one city to another.

What was common between Rehan and Zooni? Their quest to LIVE LIFE!

This is what brought the two together as both Rehan and Zooni started spending time with each other to explore the world. While Zooni was finally able to see things from Rehan's eyes, for Rehan it was a new experience altogether because for the first time someone managed to touch his TRUE self.

Though Zooni's friends were apprehensive about their liaison due to Rehan's reputation as a flirt to the outer world, Zooni felt that he is the one who had the capability to show her everything that she wanted from life. But is life really that simple?

Because there were certain facts about Rehan's personality that even she was not aware. And this very reason also killed Rehan from within! Secrets about his life were never meant to be disclosed to anyone because if they ever came out, they may as well spell DOOM for their relation. On the other hand when Zooni eventually got to know about the REAL Rehan, she was completely shattered. This was the moment that never saw coming!

And now her life is going to change forever. And she has to take a decision that was once mentioned to her by her father. To choose between "GREATER OF THE TWO GOODS" or "LESSER OF TWO EVILS".

A Kunal Kohli film, 'Fanaa', a Yash Raj Films production, has music composed by Jatin Lalit with lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. The film hits the screens worldwide on May 26th.