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“Fake News in Entertainment”

Saturday, April 25, 2020 • Telugu Comments

“Fake News in Entertainment”

Thanks to the rise of the internet we’ve seen benefits way beyond anything that we could have dreamed. With smartphones being used globally, almost every person out there has access to a wealth of knowledge right on their fingertips. This makes everyday life a little bit easier and provides us with better opportunities to learn, work, and entertain ourselves.

However, not everything is positive. This gives ways for certain people to misuse the internet to create fake stories. These could be used to tarnish someone’s reputation, or even promote products based on lies and deceit. With news outlets and blogs being pretty much uncountable, it’s hard to know which sources you can trust. While fake news affects everyone, entertainment has truly gotten the short end of the stick, with these articles hitting entertainers and entertainment providers constantly.

Casino Scam Exposed

Gambling is one of the biggest sources of entertainment out there, which is why it’s not surprising that a lot of online casinos often get hit with fake news stories. One such incident was uncovered when this website exposed a casino scam. The fake news page claimed the “CEO of an online casino has made a 46 million rupee mistake” which turned out to be a ploy to get people to visit the online casino website.

The story in question used false and misleading information regarding the offers, bonuses, and other aspects of the casino. They even made up the CEO that was allegedly fired. Thanks to guide2gambling, the scam was completely debunked and the right information was provided to those interested. This is the second time in a short period where G2G has uncovered a casino scam like this and sadly, it seems that the fake news stories regarding online casinos have no end in sight.

“Fake News in Entertainment”

Celebrity Death Hoaxes

Some people truly have no concept of what dark humor is, and it shows with these types of fake news stories. We’ve been plagued with celebrity death hoaxes for decades now. While these are nothing new, they’re much easier to spread now and reach a far wider audience. Hollywood stars like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all been victims of these cruel “jokes” that have hit the public throughout the years.
These articles claiming that a certain celebrity has died are usually quite detailed and convincing. Although we may not know them personally, we build up some sort of a connection to these celebrities and news like this can be hard to take. In some cases, even their close friends and family might see this news, which we can only imagine how it could affect them. The defense for a lot of these stories is usually “it was done as a joke”, yet there’s nothing funny about any of the things written in them.

False Weight-Loss Claims

Celebrities are no strangers when it comes to rumors and gossip surrounding their private lives, just recently Radhika Apte had to speak out on a rumor regarding her health condition. In the US, in a twisted attempt to sell diet pills, big names such as Kelly Clarkson and Meghan Markle were thrown into a fold of fake news articles that make insane claims about their weight loss and beauty regime and how they were achieved.
Not only did these articles make up stories that painted the entertainment industry in a bad light, such as producers claiming they wouldn’t green light Clarkson’s talk show if she didn’t lose weight, but they also perpetuated unachievable goals that could be “achieved” by using their weight loss product. The “magic pill” for weight loss has always been a popular fad, yet the sooner we realize it doesn’t exist the sooner we can focus on actual healthy alternatives.
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