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Evaraina Epudaina Music Review

Evaraina Epudaina Music Review
AVM Productions
Varun Sandesh, Vimala Raman, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Giribabu, Ali, Venu Madhav, Vizag Prasad, Sampath, Chandrasekhar, Adarsh, Bharath Reddy, Ramaprabha, Radhakumari, Telangana Shakunthala, Anuhasan, Kovai Sarala, Surekha Vani, Pavala Shyamala and others
Marthand K Shankar
M Saravanan, MS Guhan, Aruna Guhan, Aparna Guhan
Youthful Melodies
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, June 18, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

In what is being seen as one of the most promising and tender romantic treat for this season, the film `Evaraina Eppudaina' is being made under the prestigious banner of AVM and this is being directed by debutante Marthand K Shankar. The music for this has been composed by Mani Sharma and the audio album has got a total of eight songs in it. How the feel of the songs are, let us see..

Akasamlo..    Listen here

A fast paced number, the singer for this is Tippu and he has come up with a rather trendy vocal for this one. It can also be termed as the title song as you hear the words `evaraina eppudaina' in it. Based strongly on guitar, Mani Sharma has composed the tunes with fast beats and the lyrics have been penned well by Krishna Chaitanya. This number is more voice dominated than music dominated.

Malli Malli.    Listen here

Yet another fast beat number, this is filled more with love and there is a mix of English and Telugu in the lyrics written by Rahman. The singers for this are Rita and Rahul Nambiar and the tune has been set more on a western beat by Mani Sharma. There is energy in the song and this will appeal to the youngsters since there is a lot of love in it. A good mix of music, lyrics and vocals, this song is worth listening.

Naa Manase..    Listen here

This song is more for those boys who have just fallen in love and the singer for this is Ranjith who has modulated his voice well by showing the desperation and the excitement. The lyrics has also shown traces of literature since it has been penned by Bhaskarabhatla and Mani Sharma made sure that melody rules the roost in this one. The pace of the song is good and it gives an upbeat mood to the listener.

Madhurayathana..    Listen here

A song which has a bit of Tamil flavor in it when it comes to the music, the number revolves around the pleasures of love and the sweet pain it causes in the moments of passion. Adding more fire to the number is the singer Rita who has given the right kind of vocal expressions at the right places. The veteran Veturi has woven the lyrics in tune with the music and the song is touching the backdrop of rain and Mani Sharma seems to have taken a leaf or two from A R Rahman for this one.  However, a melody number worth listening.

Varevaa.    Listen here

Usually it's the boys who tend to tease the girls but this one is the opposite where the girl seems to be chasing the boy. A modernized number with western beats and English lyrics, Mani Sharma has got a mix of instruments in this one and he has ensured that the singer Rita does her fast singing with the beats. Even the lyrics have been rapped by Rahman with English lines and it is a rather energetic number with a teasing sensuality.

Neelalu Garu..    Listen here

This duet has been rendered its vocals by the singers Hemachandra and Malavika. This is more of a melodious romantic number and the lyrics have been written by Vennelakanti who has used a poetic touch to the romantic number. There is a tinge of pain in the words but Mani Sharma has not lost the energy in the music and it has a healthy pace. The male vocals are more in this one and this is again a voice dominated song and music takes a back seat whenever required.

Vaanemo Thadisi.    Listen here

This song reminds of `Om Namaha.' from the super hit `Geetanjali' on the backdrop of music and it is refreshing to hear the voice of Varun Sandesh as the singer. This is a slow number with a constant background score by Mani Sharma and the lyrics have been written by Krishna Chaitanya who has used very simple words but gave strong meanings. There is not much music in it so it gives a montage song feeling.

Nara Naramentilaa..    Listen here

An upbeat song, the singer for this is Rahul Nambiar and he along with the chorus come up with a trendy approach to this number. Mani Sharma came up with a westernized beat completely and he has used the electric guitar in a big way and also a female chorus with English lyrics. The lyrics are written by Krishna Chaitanya who has formed the words in sync with the tune so the rhythm was neat.

The album is more meant for the youth audience as it has good doses of energy, romance and melody is on the lesser side. The flavor of music is more fast paced and except for one song, the rest are quite positive and made with good tunes.

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