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Englishkaran Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, July 27, 2005 • Tamil ]
Englishkaran Review
Seven Hills
Sathyaraj, Namitha
Shakthi Chidambaram

If you like Sathyaraj's regular lollus and satires, then Englishkaran is for you  --- the title itself is a strong spoofing statement against the Tamil-only brigade. And the film survives purely on Sathyaraj's essential chutzpah and practiced insouciance.

Of course, the director, lest somebody think that the film is all fun and no message, comes up the idea of teaching parents a lesson to encourage children to choose their favorite profession rather than forcing their wish up on them.  Director Sakthi Chidambaram has chosen to go the lighter way with Vadivelu giving Sathyaraj the company to enforce this message.

The movie is all about Thamizharasu (Sathyaraj), who sounds a reformist, enters a village. He runs behind Sandhya (Madhumitha), a college student in the village. Siva (Siva Balaji), her college mate also loves her. Sandhya's father (Kadhal Thandapani), an influential man in the village, is a man of old ideologies.

In spite of Sandhya possessing a sweet voice and everyone in the village appreciates her skills in crooning, her father threatens her to restrict herself to the house and marry a man of his choice and be a perfect 'house wife'.

In order to fob off Thamizharasu a lesson, Sandhya develops an affair with Siva. There is a reason for Sandhya hating Thamizharasu.

Enters Akilandeswari (Ishwarya). The MLA of the village she decides to marry off her son to Sandhya only to teach her a lesson for illtreating him some time back in the village.

Siva and Sandhya elope one night. Eventually a shocked Sandhya comes to know that it was all possible thanks to the help of Thamizharasu.

When she chides Siva and says Thamizharasu was responsible for her sister Maheswari (Namitha)'s death, Siva narrates a flashback.

Thamizharasu is the husband of Maheswari, whose desire is to excel in athletics and win a medal for the nation. Coming to know of her passion, Thamizharasu decides to encourage her. He helps her train well and encourages and motivates her to achieve her goal.

However, Thamizharasu's mother (Sathyapriya) works out a plan to ensure that Maheswari doesn't take to athletics anymore. Eventually, a dejected Maheswari commits suicide getting a promise from Thamizharasu to help her sister to become a popular singer.

The rest is all but Thamizharasu's efforts in ensuring that he fulfills the promise.

It is a long-winding story that sometimes tests your patience.

It's a typical Sathyaraj in Englishkaran. In the first half he takes a dig against fake godmen, comes up with a satire on contemporary Tamil heroes and the self-styled champions of Tamil. His take off on Chandramukhi Jyothika is hilarious.

Towards the second half, he goes very serious and the film falters from then on. Madhumitha dominates the film. After her debut venture Kudaikul Mazhai, she has got a good scope to act, and she has used the opportunity well.

Namitha has a minuscule role. Vadivelu as usual appears with a gang. At times he does evoke laughter. Newcomer Siva Balaji has given a measured performance.

Deva's music is passable.

Sakthi Chidamabaram has tried to give a movie with a strong message with a convoluted mix of humour, romance and glamour.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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