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Election Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 17, 2024 • తెలుగు ]
Election Review
Reel Good Films
Vijay Kumar, Preethi Asrani, Richa Joshi, George Maryan, Paval Navageethan, Dileepan.
Govind Vasantha

Election  Review - A Violent take on Local Politics 

Vijay Kumar of 'Uiryadi' fame has joined hands with Thamizh, the director of the critically acclaimed 'Sethumaan' for 'Election'.  Has the acclaimed duo created cinema magic or revolutionized filmmaking remains to be seen..

Raasu (Vijay Kumar) is a youth living in Vellore district with his father George Mariyan a loyal worker of a political party. He is in love with an upper caste girl Selvi who is the daughter of his father's close friend. However due to political issues between the friends forces a breakup and the girl is married off to an NRI. A heartbroken Raasu happens to save the life of Bhai a local political don. And soon he is sucked into politics. In the meantime he gets married to Divya (Preethi Asrani) and she too becomes embroiled in the violence, deceit and bloodshed that ensues due to the wily politicians who operate in the guise of friends and relatives.  What happens next is what 'Election' is all about.

Vijay Kumar has done full justice to the role of the reluctant politician shining both in the emotional and as well as action scenes.  He has also made sure that his social justice ideology is well emphasized through his dialogues and characterization throughout the film.  Preethi Asrani makes her presence felt in the role of the supportive wife who takes centerstage in the second half.  George Mariyan has lived the role of a the loyal party worker who dedicates his life for his leader but is given a raw deal in the end.  Paval Navageethan has excelled in the role of the alcoholic brother in law while Dileepan is adequate as the foxy politician wreaking vengeance on the protagonists.   The rest of the cast have all performed well especially the actress playing the hero's mother.

What works best in 'Election' is the authentic depiction of what all happens during the local body elections.  The film captures how friends turn foes and relatives become treacherous thanks to the fight for power.  That, even a well intentioned hero has to spend money and bribe the voters is honestly stated.   The film is set in Vellore district and all the actors have nailed the accents.  The family bonding as well as the political treachery are handled in a realistic manner.  A neat touch is George Mariyan proving his party loyalty even when his son loses the elections by a few votes.   The action sequences are well choreographed with the bar fight standing out.

On the downside the screenplay is mostly flat without any major twists and turns and even the one in the end is predictable.  The couple of duets for the hero serve only in making the film seem even more outdated than it is.   There is also confusion as to who is who and who is supporting the hero or against him.  It is tedious to watch three elections come by in the story.

Govind Vasantha's music is a plus. Mahendran Jayaraju's cinematography takes the viewers right into the thick of the local body elections. Reel Good Films has produced the film with apt production values.  Director Thamizh has succeeded in bringing to life the political corruption and fatal brutality in the local elections.  If he had concentrated more on making the screenplay even more interesting he could have hit it out of the park.

Verdict : Go for this Relevant film on the violence and treachery of local body elections


Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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