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Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 19, 2005 • Hindi ]
Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena Review
Fardeen Khan, Arjun,Koena Mitra, Natasha,Rakhi Sawant,Mumait Khan,Zubein Khan
Suparn Verma
Rangita Pritish Nandy

2005 seems to end well with an unconventional yet terrific thriller 'Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena' that engulfs you throughout the proceedings. While one looks forward to yet another popcorn 'masala' entertainer, what one gets in the bargain is a superb plot that deceives you throughout its 18 reel length only to make you THINK about t. A movie that plays mind games with you, it ensures that you are attentive throughout without missing a single shot!

The movie belongs to the 'noir' genre where the protagonist Arjun [Fardeen Khan] narrates his own story to an audience. The movie goes into the past where conmen Arjun and his friend Rohit [Rohit Roy] are discussing about their next move. In one such instance, they end up conning a man who turns out to be an employee of Sikander [Gulshan Grover].

A sober yet shrewd businessman, he demands his money back after bumping off Rohit. For this he gives Arjun 10 days and his subordinate Kaif [Kay Kay], who is supposed to accompany him and his friends [Mukul Dev, Amin Hajee]. Kaif is a man  who doesn't think twice before shooting a person at his boss' behest but also carries an Economic Times all the time!

Enters Natasha [Koena Mitra] in Arjun's life who is a psychiatrist and soon gets involved with his con jobs. Finally Arjun manages to pay off Sikander's debt. But now he has a bigger task in hand as he needs to offload 25 crores from the coffers of one of the biggest white collar criminals of the world - Jehangir Khan [Feroze Khan]

To make matters worse comes CBI cop Sardesai [Sharad Kapoor] who has been on Arjun's trail for quite some time now!

An intense game follows with everyone in the scene out there to outwit the other. But does the winner really 'won' it all? Or is there is something more than what meets the eyes?

The movie revolving around such a plot needs to have a water tight script to engage an audience. This is where EKEH succeeds in a BIG way. To be honest the initial few moments in the film are hardly anything that make you jump with joy. It is the introduction of Gulshan Grover followed by his first interaction with Arjun [good dialogues here] that sets the tone for the film.

EKEH continues to grow from here and though the proceedings aren't out of the world, they keep the viewer involved. Kay Kay's dead-pan humor brings along a smile and Firoz Khan's introduction at the interval point makes you look forward to the remainder of the movie. While expectations are to witness some cat and mouse game between the father-son duo, nothing like that happens as the focus still remains on the con job. So should Khan fans be disheartened with this aspect?

Not at all, as events continue to scale further. Kay Kay promising a painless death to Fardeen, everyone's meeting with the bank Vice President, Fardeen - Kay Kay interaction around sharing of all the booty, Sharad Kapoor's introduction , preclimax when 25 crores are brought by Mukul Dev from Bangkok till the final moment when Fardeen is shot - everything is well penned and well planned. And just when everyone feels that it is end of the story, there is a major twist that shocks you, surprises and make you look at the entire movie in awe!

Suparn Verma comes up with a good storyline and executes it well inspite of EKEH being his debut venture. He deserves to get accolades for his intelligent handling of the subject. He knows clearly in his mind what he has set out for and never ones tries to be extra smart in his approach. He takes the viewer along with him and while you realize that you are being taken for a (joyous) ride, you still are happy to leave yourself completely in his hands to manipulate you the way he wishes. He makes one of the best debuts of the year 2005.

Hemal Kothari's editing ensur

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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