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E Music Review

E Music Review
Super Good Films
Jeeva, Nayantra
SP. Jhananathan
RB. Choudary
Srikanth Deva
Earthy and energetic
Friday, September 29, 2006 • Tamil Comments

If Jananathan's maiden venture Iyarkai had predominantly soft melodies, his E has foot-tapping  and catchy 'Gana' numbers.

Srikanth Deva, popular for his racy stuff, has not disappointed his fans.

After Gana Ulaganathan, it is now the turn of Pulianthope Palani to sizzle the music lovers. His raw voice coupled with catchy tunes by Srikanth Deva certainly work wonders. The popular 'Gana' singer has sung four numbers in the album, all of which is expected to become popular.

Thee Pori (Thippu)

A roaring number with Thippu singing it with his vibrant energy. Quite typical to Srikanth Deva, the song has rangy beats for the lyrics, which glorify the hero. A mild chorus accompanying the beats is a treat to listen.  The song is sure to refresh the listeners. A touch of music composer Deva is visible in Srikanth Deva's tune.

Vaa Vaa (Pulianthope Palani)

'Gana' numbers have become a prerequisite these days thanks to the success of Valameenukum in Chithiram Pesuthadi. Srikanth Deva has cashed in on the opportunity to come up with a typical Chennai 'Gana' with the popular Pulianthope Palani rendering it with ease and grace. Popular in interior parts of Chennai, the 'Gana; number has lyric which doesn't convey any big meaning. This song with simple words describes the life in Chennai Central Prison. Pulainthope Palani has the necessary spark to convey the earthy ideas of life.

Kadhal Enbadhu (Hariharan)

The odd man out in album. It is a soft pathos rendered by Hariharan. Reminding the song 'Poongatrilae' in Uyirae, the song has mild music with lyrics being given the maximum priority. Srikanth Deva has proved his mettle and shows that he can also come up with charming slow numbers. Hariharan hardly misses out on such occasions. All marks to the music composer and the gifted singer.

Thirunthi Vidu (Pulianthope Palani)

Another Gana number. It has a catchy lyric quite typical of Chennai Tamil and Pulianthope Palani renders it in a high octave. Brisk and entertaining.

Chennai Managaram (Pulainthope Palani)

The song dwells on the life in slums in Chennai city. The funny lyrics has a catchy tune with dholaks and tablas accompanying it. Palani is again equal to the task.

Vaarathu Pol (KJ Yesudass)

Tha master of melodies is back after a gap to render this one. The song begins on a slow note with no instruments. But suddenly gathers  momentum with almost all percussion instruments accompanying it. One is reminded of a 'vintage' Ilayaraja in the song. Yesudas despite the oldness in his voice shows glimpses of his essential ability that made him a legend in Indian film music.

Ezhu Kuruku (Pulianthope Palani)

Again a 'Gana' number. The tunes and the music for it is quite similar to earlier 'Gana' songs in the album. It is the lyric which does the trick. It speaks on the aspirations of a youth to come up in life.

Oru Murai Thappu (Sukhwinder Singh, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran, Vaishali)

A brisk song. It begins on a 'Punjabi Bhangra' style. Steps in Sukhwinder Singh to take the song to a higher platform. Srikanth Deva has managed to come out with a foot-tapping beat for the song. With the good use of guitar and drums, it is supposedly a 'steamy number'. Sangeetha Rajeshwaran has a soothing voice which fits the song.

Kala Kala (Kalpana, Sowmya, Ranjith)

A foot-tapping song much suited for dance floors. Reminds one of the remixes that are now popu