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Dreams Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, November 18, 2004 • Tamil ]
Dreams Review
Akshaya Films
Dhanush, Dhiya, Ramesh Kanna, Pyramid Natarajan
Kasthuri Raja
Saraswathi Srikanth

This is one film that Dhanush would not like to show his prospective in-laws (Rajinikanth's family). The film is poor pastiche of double meanings, bedroom scenes and a few other vulgar segments.

It is shocking that a father and son (Dhanush's father is director Kastooriraja) combo should come up with a shocking show of moral turpidity on screen. In this half-baked venture, anything goes: A girl boozing and watching porno movies, a father and son having drinks together, pre-marital sex, vulgar dances, scurrilous dialogues .a cornucopia of cheap stuff.

It is not hard to see why this film was in the cans for so long. But it is certainly hard to see a reedier Dhanush doing the stuff that he did immediately in the aftermath of Thullvatho Ilamai.

The movie begins with Dhanush, in prison for a murder charge, narrating his flashback. He along with his father Pyramid Natarajan leads a happy life where the two smokes and drinks together. Dhanush even encourages his friends to go to prostitute houses and spends time himself teasing young girls.

Following a challenge with his friends, he befriends a rich girl (Parul) and he pleases her and shares bed with her. The girl apparently loves to booze and watch porno films much against her father's wishes.

Dhaunsh's life undergoes a change when he meets a Brahmin girl (Diya). Both fall in love and Dhanush begins to concentrate on his career slowly. Unfortunately a college trip ends in distress for him as he shares bed with Parul.

Coming to know about this Dhiya commits suicide and the blame falls on Dhanush.

The rest is all about how Dhanush manages to escape from infamy.

The film is loud and lewd with no show of any artistic explorations anywhere. The idea is titillate and the filmmaker does it with all the heavy coarseness of a hungry elephant.

Dhanush is peppy but his role is senseless. The rest of the cast has nothing much to do. Unlike his earlier film, Dhanush looks more somber and detached from the script and story, while Diya and Parul do nothing on screen but show glamour.

Bharadwaj's music too is flat in this dull and laborious film.

Moral of the story: Sex and sleaze do not sell, always.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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