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DoubleTuckerr Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 6, 2024 • தமிழ் ]
DoubleTuckerr Review
Air flick
Dheeraj, Smurthi Venkat, Kovai Sarala, MS. Baskar, Muneesh Kanth, Kaali Venkat, Sunil Reddy, Sha Ra, Karunakaran, Yashika Anand, George Vijay, Teddy Gokul
Meera Mahadhi
Air flick
Vidya Sagar

Double Tuckerr Movie Review: A Rollercoaster of Animation and Comedy, Riding Highs and Lows

Every year, as summer vacation approaches, cinemas across the globe churn out films aimed at the youthful audience, and this year is no different with the release of "Double Tuckerr." Marking Meera Mahadi's directorial debut, this film, backed by Artflix, hits the screens with an ensemble cast including Dheeraj, Smriti Venkat, Kovai Sarala, MS Bhaskar, Kali Venkat, Muneeskanth, Mansoor Ali Khan, Shah Rao, Sunil Reddy, and Karunakaran. Vidya Sagar's musical compositions set the backdrop for this unique narrative.

The story kicks off with a heavy dose of tragedy as we're introduced to protagonist Aravind (Dheeraj), whose life takes a drastic turn following a devastating accident that claims the lives of his parents. Left scarred both physically and emotionally, Aravind grapples with self-image issues, plunging him into a lonely existence throughout his childhood. However, his woes don't end there, as further misfortunes and humiliations await him, leaving viewers hoping for a silver lining amid the chaos.

At the heart of the narrative lies a whimsical twist of fate, orchestrated by two animated characters, Left and Right from the god world, who prematurely whisk Aravind away from the mortal realm. As the plot unfolds, we witness a series of mishaps and mayhem, disrupting multiple lives and setting the stage for a rollercoaster ride of events.

"Double Tuckerr" is way up with its quirky concepts and an interesting premise that was visible in Rajnikanth's "Athisaya Piravi." But after a racy start, it loses comic momentum. Left and Right, despite infusing bursts of energy into the storyline, all too often serve to knock the more natural and spontaneous sense of humor off its stride, resulting in it feeling all too forced and contrived. Plus, the barrage of references to pop culture—though at first very funny-stops being funny at some point. 

Yet, there are many moments of joy throughout the film, particularly when animation sees the left and right become iconic film characters, whom audiences will clap for from their socially distant cinema seats. The 3D animation by Symbiosis Technologies is only the icing on the cake, which

"Double Tuckerr" even would have-with few of its low points-been entertaining on its own, featuring a bright score from Vidyasagar and stand-out voicings for Left and Right by Kali Venkat and Muneeskanth. But the film overly relies on slapstick comedy and fails to fully exploit the potential of its good premise.

Overall, "Double Tuckerr" may have some of its very targeted young audience leave with smiles on their faces, but in some way, it falls short of walking away from the cinema with a truly memorable time. That said, through all its faults, there is somehow a hint of fun within, so it is watchable if you fancy a night of lightweight films.

Verdict: "Double Tuckerr" serves up a quirky blend of comedy and chaos, with animated characters and nods to pop culture, but falls a little short of delivering consistent laughs.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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