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Dongasachinnollu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 25, 2008 • తెలుగు ]
Dongasachinnollu Review
Sasidhar Productions
Krishna Bhagavan
Raja Vannemreddy
Koganti Ramakrishna
M M Srilekha

Several comedians are turning heroes and many of them including Ali and Sunil proved that they too could play lead roles in films. Recently Krishna Bhagawan also appeared in the title role of 'John Appa Rao 40 ' and got a critical acclaim for his performance.

Now, it is the turn of Raghubabu, who paired up with Krishna Bhagawan to play the lead character in 'Donga Sachinollu'. Moreover, the director of the film Raja Vannemreddy, is a well-known film personality and many of his films like 'Kshemamgaa Velli Laabhamgaa Randi, Mee Intiki Vaste Yemistaaru.., Aadivaaram Aadavallaku Selavu' were proved hits.

He chose a storyline where heros sacrifice their love though they are 'fools'. The storyline is very delicate and it has no substance. In film industry parlance, it is just a storyline but not a story. The director stretched this storyline to more than two hours with his sheer ability in scripting the screenplay though not very gripping.

Ramudu (Raghubabu) and Kamudu (Krishna Bhagawan) are brothers and were brought by their uncle and aunt (Chandramohan and Sakuntala). Their elder sister got married to a rich man (Vinodkumar) who stays in the US. Everyone in the village and also their guardians used to treat them as nincompoops as they are poor in knowledge. Of them, Kamudu is just okay but Ramudu is very mild in intelligence. After a 20-year stay, their sister and brother-in-law return to India. They had a daughter Kavya (Rambha). The sister of Ramudu and Kamudu loves them very much and want to get her daughter married to one among them. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, and because the partners ditch him, their brother-in-law suffers mental stress and while going to airport to pickup Kavya, they meet with an accident and die. Kavya becomes bankrupt as the court attaches their entire property. Did Ramudu and Kamudu take the responsibility of Kavya as she turned poor? Did any of them were able to marry Kavya? Whom did Kavya like? Whom did she love? How did the two prove that they are not fools but had a kind heart? Answers to all these questions form part of the story.

In the absence of a worthy story, Raja Vannemreddy worked hard to present it on the screen with the help of screenplay. Both the lead artistes namely, Raghubabu and Krishna Bhagawan performed well.

They also showed good ease in dances, which were choreographed in a comical way. Rambha, though said to have played a key role, all through the days when the film is on sets, had nothing much to perform on the screen, but to shake legs with the lead artistes in a couple of duets. Music is also not very impressive and Srilekha once again used some copy tunes.

However, the remix song of 'Ippatikinkaa.' was tuned in an old fashioned way and the choreographer showed some novelty by canning the song and the audiences got a feel of watching the heroes of 70s-80s in that song.

Brahmanandam played a parody to Chiranjeevi's 'Stalin' while played his lady love in this movie. The comedy track between Brahmanandam, Venumadhav and Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao is hilarious.

The absence of a proper story distorted the tempo of the film. The portrayal of Raghubabu's character was poor, while Krishna Bhagawan walked away with honours in the lead role.

The director failed to establish the love track between Rambha and Rajiv Kanakala.

Dialogues by Rajendrakumar are average. Camera work by Vijayakumar is at his best, but Srilekha should have avoided from choosing copy tunes. For those who go to a theatre to pass time, if you don't talk about logic and want to enjoy the entertainment for some time, the film is okay. But if you want other elements like story, action, sentiment and other such things, this film is a no no.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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