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Rating 1.5/5
B4U Motion Pictures
Prawaal Raman
cast & crew
Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem, Lisa Ray, Adil Hussain, Rhea Chakraborty, Madalina Bellariu
Ishan Saksena, Prawaal Raman, Sunil Shah, Vikram Khakhar
Arko Pravo Mukherjee


B4U motion pictures presents 'Dobaara - See Your Evil', written and directed by Prawaal Raman, starring Huma Qureshi and Saqib Salim.

THE STORY: You may know me from 'Oculus'.. I’ve been around for quite a while, spreading evil since centuries with mere reflections and apparitions. You’ll be seeing me soon as the mirror in ‘Dobaara-See Your Evil’. Director Prawaal Raman has brought me back to raise hell, so get ready to witness pure horror!

A brother (Saqib Saleem) and sister (Huma Qureshi) duo is preparing to break me, in order to end my evil reign; but, can that really happen? Do they have what it takes to control and banish a power beyond their strength and comprehension? Well, the battle has just begun.

Watch me as I take over dusty old rooms and theaters near you on June 2, as B4U Motion Pictures in association with Relativity Media and Zahhak Films present this Intrepid Pictures Production.


Dobaara is an unworthy clone of its original film. Even the die-hard horror film lovers would prefer to stay away from this boring non-horror film.