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Dhana 51 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, January 17, 2005 • Telugu ]
Dhana 51 Review
Sumanth, Saloni, Mukesh Khanna, Dharmavarapu, Tannikella, Ali, Rajkumar
R Suryakiran
ML Kumar Chowdary

When Sumanth and Suryakiran made Satyam, they were not weighed down by expectations. Sumanth was looking for an elusive hit, Suryakiran for a much-needed break. In the event, the duo gave a fresh-feeling performance and that made Satyam the hit it was.

But for Dhana 51, things are different. Sumanth is aiming for bigger things. Suryakiran is looking busier. In the event, the freshness is gone. And success being success, it has also created its own expectations.

And sadly Dhana 51 doesn't live up to that.

It is a story that is too simple and straightforward and Suryakiran, who is also in charge of the script, has failed to create the necessary drama to hold the viewer's attention.

Sumanth, the eponymous Dhana (short form of Dhananjoy) is a righteous youngster who finds difficult to live up to his self-set ideals in life. He wants to become a policeman without greasing any palm. There is some hurdle or the other in his way; but he is ready to persevere and persist His father (Dharmavarapu) is also supportive of him.

As it happens, Dhana gets to come in contact with police commissioner Mahesh Chandra (Mukesh Khanna) through his girl friend Lakshmi (Saloni). Dhana is enlisted as an undercover agent by Mahesh Chandra and goes on mission to bring the baddies to book. But as a stunning twist, he himself secured by Mahesh as the 51st catch (now you get the significance of the number in the title?). So what's his fault? Well, like all fathers, Mahesh too is unhappy that Dhana is in love with his daughter.

So there is plenty of action and good takes on evil and finally triumphs. It is as simple as this, folks.

The shallow story is let down by some poor acting. Sumanth who had made lot of ground in his last two movies lets himself down with a mediocre show. Admittedly, script is bad, but the recently married Sumanth looks highly wan and off color. Saloni, the heroine, is just an ornamental piece without any glitter and glamour. Her acting skills are highly restricted and she doesn't have any screen presence. Mukesh Khann and Dharmavarapu are passable. The villain Rajkumar is effective.

The music by Chakri is loud and rhythm-infested. The production values pass muster. But the direction and script doesn't. The story obviously could have been handled better.

Suryaliran seems to have let slip an opportunity to cement his place in the industry. By extension, Sumanth, too, has.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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