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Dhairyam Music Review

Dhairyam Music Review
Nitin, Raima Sen, Tanikella Bharani, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav, LB Sreeram
Sunil Narang, Narayana Das
Soft and stylish
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, January 11, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Teja's films have as much been popular hits as they have been musical hits. He has a flair for soft and popular numbers (no not the mass-produced ones).

In Dhairyam, he has gone for a newcomer Anoop. This new man had worked with R P Patnaik ---a favorite of Teja.

The songs in review here have a good feel and not too loud (a major failing among recent hits).

1. Bipeesi Badmshi Pori

Though shades of Pandi, Pandi Rayeelu from Teja's Jeyam, this song has a very catchy beat and folksy tune. The style is earthy and pastoral. The instrumentation leaves a bit to be desired, and the singers led by Ravi Varma are just about adequate, but the song still holds its own.

2. Chaa Chaa Chi chi Chuu Cheyi

This is where Punjabi folk (more precisely the popular numbers of Daeler Mehendi) meets modern techno rhythms and some open singing. Shankar Mahadevan and Malgudi Shuba go for the top. High-pitched and top-ranged. Good for dance and fun.

3. Emito Elago Telpanu

Usha has a nice and attractive ring to her voice. She uses the words with the delicate style of someone handling diamonds. She comes out well in this soft number. The orchestration again is on the beaten track. But the simplicity of the tune and skill of the singer lift the song.

4. Na Pranam

The song lists a huge roster of names and is difficult to guess who sings what. KK's voice is good for its resonance and lilt. There is melancholy and maudlin touch to the number. The slowness of the beat, a rarity these days, adds an extra allure. The middle chorus is uplifting and the orchestration also comes into its own. Over all, a sturdy number.

5. Niloo Nallo Prema

It is Nuvve Nenu time again. Sunitha and R P Patnaik bring back those lovely memories in this small number. Though no where as good as the old one in reference here, this song also leaves a good impression. In short, short and stylish.

6. Nitho Chepana o Chinni Mata

S P B Charan almost reminds you of his illustrious father as he brings to play all his mannerisms and style to the fore. The tune, especially the beat reminds you of a song from the 90s Bollywood hit Sajan. It doesn't tax your mind with any complications. Easy to hear, and easy to digest. 

7. Ohi Rama Ohi Rama 

Racy beats, Punjabi tune, Sukvindher Singh, Pooja & Viswa among the can almost hear the song mentally. It is a loud pastiche of some of the popular tunes around. Sukhvinder's pronunciation is understandably bad but he is full of robust energy in his songs. The music director could have gone easy on the instruments.  

8. Prema. Nuvena Nuvena

A cute number to round off. Sandeep Sravani, Lavanya and others combine with energy and enthusiasm to sing this softie. The romantic mood is rightly whipped up and you almost could see the arrows of Cupid flying around.

Overall, newcomer Anoop can be proud of his effort. In spite of the obvious feel of his mentor R P Patnaik, Anoop has made a smart and promising start.