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Devudu Chesina Manushulu Music Review

Devudu Chesina Manushulu Music Review
Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra Media Pvt. Ltd.
Raviteja, Ileana
Puri Jagannadh
BVSN Prasad
Raghu Kunche
True to the genre music
Monday, August 6, 2012 • Telugu Comments

Without going for pretensions, Raghu Kunche here delivers a modest album that works for the atmospherics of Devudu Chesina Manushulu.  Raghu Kunche, Shreya Ghoshal, Suchitra, Udit Narayan, Adnan Sami, Chinmayi, Joanna chip in with a range of soothing voices.

The lyricist does the job of writig entertaining lyrics.  The one lovely song packs in some memorable lines, sung to a haunting effect by Shreya Ghoshal.

Subba Lakshmi

Artist: Raghu Kunche
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla

The song follows the beaten path of a routine Kunche number.  It has a folksy ring throughout, but making it even more ordinary are the lyrics that are most associated with Puri's films.  Raghu Kunche's beats are nice on the ear, and his vocals make an impact.

Nuvvele Nuvvele

Artist: Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla

The lyrics give voice to the blissful feelings of a girl newly in love.  Shreya Ghoshal's mellifluous vocals only add to the song's romantic flavor.  Raghu Kunche proves that he can be a good improviser if he is given a situation.  The instrumentation is equally heart-soothing.

Disturb Chettanade

Artist: Suchitra
Lyricst: Bhaskarabhatla

At any point in the song, the lyrics as well as Suchitra's vocals, together with the tuning, would seem to be the USP.  The song seems to be uni-musical without unnecessary ups and downs.  The rustic feel is enjoyable and might just have been formatted on Illeana's character.

Yemi Sethura

Aritsts: Udit Narayan, Chinmayi
Lyricst: Bhaskarabhatla

The lyrics give a reason why Ravi Teja and Illeana are not humans made by humans.  Read between the lines and you will know that they have come to accept their fate.  Yemi Sethura works because of the tuning and the vocals.  However, the lyrics will grab your attention nevertheless.  Raghu Kunche does a fine job.

Nuvvantey Chala

Artists: Adnan Sami, Joanna
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla

The massy beats are not even remotely catchy.  Raghu Kunche could have done a better job than mixing influences.  Adnan Sami may not have sung a more mediocre song in times in Telugu.  The lyrics are just about ok.

Devuda Devuda

Artist: Raghu Kunche, Anjana Soumya
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla

Thank God that the song was short.  Devuda Devuda is for the front-benchers, but the tuning is old-fashioned.  The lyrics describe the girl's raunchy avatar, while the male voice does justice to the song.