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Devadasu Music Review

Devadasu Music Review
Bommarillu vaari
Ram, Ileana
YVS Chowdary
YVS Chowdary
High energy and youthful
IndiaGlitz [Sunday, December 4, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

After composing some good melodious numbers for his previous albums, Chakri has come up with some very high energy and enjoyable songs that are bound to strike a chord with youth. Chakri also did a remake of a famous Telugu song and kept it reasonably close to original. Though many songs in this album seem to have inspiration from somewhere, the album is enjoyable overall. 

Bangaram 4* [Singers: Chakri, Revathi]

The album starts off with a song with a lot of energy which is sung with great tempo. This song picks up with beautiful Guitar piece and picks up pace almost instantly. The phrase "Bangaram...bangaram...nekai vechaaney...." catches your imagination. The lady laughing behind reminds you of "Eureka Takamika .." song from the movie 'Abhilasha'. The interludes have been composed very well with good use of Guitar. Chakri has given all his energy in rendering this very enjoyable number.

Kshaminchu 2.5* [Singers: Kousalya]

Chakri is consistent in giving one solo number to Kousalya in his albums, but this one is not as good as the earlier songs that have been composed in their combination (Remember Idiot?). This is a melody and as the title goes, it's about a girl pleading forgiveness for any mistakes she might have done. Thee song has shades of the raagam "KadanaKuthuhalam" (A good way to trace is to hum the charanam of the song 'Yamaha nagari calcutta puri?' from the movie 'Choodalaniundi'?). The song ends with the girl saying that the girl fell in love with the guy even without seeing her and leaves a riddle for the guy in the end. The song is sweet, but lasts only as long as it's playing.

Nuvvante Nakistam 3.5* [Singers: Chakri]

A fast tempo, heavy beat and great energy filled song which is rendered at a very high pitch by Chakri, he definitely seems to have found a way in singing such numbers. The lyrics depict a guy confessing his love for the girl through the lines "nuvvantene ishtam..Nuvvu kaadantene kashtam..emi cheyamatavo". The song gets you on your feet and is impressive.

Mayadari Chinnodu 3.5* [Singers: Vijji]

This is a remake of the song "Mayadaari Chinnodu.." from movie 'Amma Maata', but one must admit that Vijji has a long way to go to catch up with the lively and playful rendition of L.R. Eswari. In modernisation of the tune, Chakri goes for some change of lyrics in the charanam and chorus shouting "Hu Hu...". Usage of folk tune and mixing folk lyrics with modern names and current affairs (Bin Laden) leaves one confused, though the intention could be to generate some humor. The song overall is enjoyable despite all the shortcomings just because it reminds of a beautiful and famous song.

Idigidigo 2* [Singers: Simha, Venu]

This is a college song where a group of guys pick two colleges and explain the characteristics of the students of the college. Students of Loyola college marked by Levis Jeans, super bikes and flaunting richness and other is SR college students possessing stuff got from local market, a mark of middle class lifestyle. The song ends with saying that bunking classes and spending time at the canteen is only the common thing between both groups. The song does not have anything special to quote from a music perspective. This could be the introductory song for the movie to get the story started.

Oka Nestham 2* [Singers: Karthik, Tina Kamal]

This is another fast beat song where the girl and guy pleads for having a good friend and friendship that lasts. The song is full of youthfulness and good beats, however, pronunciation of words like "Kavali pronounced as Kavalay.." though deliberately put, does not sound good. By listening to so many fast beat numbers, you fail to catch any variety in this song. You may give this a miss.

Aye Babu 3* [Singers: Anushka]

This song has both Telugu