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Devadasu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, January 12, 2006 • తెలుగు ]
Devadasu Review
Bommarillu vaari
Ram, Ileana
YVS Chowdary
YVS Chowdary

With the name Devadasu, the film can be of only one genre. And considering that, YVS Chowdary has managed to come up with a plausible storyline and that holds your attention all through.

The story is simple (in fact old). But the other ingredients keep you interested. The production values are also slick and stylish. The story is about the eponymous Devadasu (Ram) who falls in love with Bhanu (Ilena). The latter is a rich kid (daughter of a Senator in the USA, no less). She comes to India to learn classical dance.

Of course, her father Katmaraju (Sayaji Shinde) doesn't like the romance one bit. So what does he do? Take her away to America. So what does the hapless hero do? Well, follow her back to USA and woo her again. Simple, nah?

The film owes its appeal both to its treatment and also the freshness of the lead pair. Both Ram and Ileana look comfortable in front of the camera.

There is both poise and purpose to their work. Ram has a simple style and he follows it rigorously. He is also pretty good in dancing. On the whole he looks like someone who will be here to say.

Ileana, who comes to film through ads, has chiseled features and a figure to die-for. She is also good in emoting. A nice addition to the pantheon of Hindi heroines in Telugu. Sayaji Shinde, a seasoned artiste, comes up with the goods. The others in the team also don't let the director down. Shriya's show is added attraction.

The film's other strength has been the songs. YVS has managed to get the best from Chakri as the songs carry both melody and mass beats. The songs also getan extra veneer of shine in the manner YVS has pictured them.

The camera work of Bharani K Dharan comes as a warm sweater on a wintry night---absolutely enjoyable.

YVS  knows that the film's tale is not new. And hence has come up with a smart screenplay that keep your mind off the platitudinous story.

Devadasu, love's labor has not been lost.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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