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Desi Kattey Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 26, 2014 • Hindi ]
Desi Kattey Review
Anand Kumar Productions
Suniel Shetty, Akhil Kapoor, Jay Bhanushali, Sasheh Aagha, Tia Bajpai,Murli Sharma, Ashutosh Rana, Claudia Ciesla
Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar
Kailash Kher

What is it all about?

A great example on how to make a good idea go kaput, Anand Kumar’s ‘Desi Kattey’ on paper looks like a promising high voltage inspiring dynamite about the life of two sharpshooting thugs where one becomes a competitive shooter while his childhood friend gets rotten in the life of crime, is loaded with banal, mundane and inane execution making this utterly formulaic exercise a chapter in sheer boredom.

The Story

It’s difficult to find whether writer Aaryaan Saxena’s screenplay is written by him or designed according to the liking of his producer director ‘Anand Kumar’, ‘Desi Kattey’ tells the story Gyani (Jay Bhanushali) and Pali (Akhil Kapur- debut) who grew up dealing in country made guns (kattey) dreaming to become local goons of Kanpur in the Hindi heartland of India U.P. (Uttar Pradesh).

A close encounter with the local kingpin played by Ashutosh Rana provides them the launch in the underworld Gyani and Pali are looking for. Ex Army officer-Major Suryakant Rathore (Sunil Shetty) spots their talent as great shooters and tries to convince them to use their expertise for the nation.

While Gyani sees the ray of hope and a better socially acceptable life in Major’s words Pali differs as he believes his passion to be the top gangster of Kanpur is more exciting than this boring reform, they part ways what happens forms the crux of the whole proceedings.

Yes it’s no doubt an interesting read but Saxena’s screenplay is unexciting, stumbling at illogical foot holes making it a tiresome journey.

What to look out for

Sad but true.  Sunil Shetty finds himself in the midst of this humdrum affair. Though the actor fires a bulls eye in his performance as the honest army officer who wants to reform the life of two ‘bhatke’ great naujawan shooters but the tacky writing and inanely banal execution that unnecessarily wants to add everything an entertainment hungry soul of bollywood would look for robbing the actors goods for the makers bad.

Akhil Kapur is a good find. Has the rustic raw appeal, if nurtured under proper hands results will be definitely wonderful.

Jay Bhanushali is sincere.

What not

A big waste of a great opportunity as a film. Where the screenplay is so convenient to be believable even at a formulaic level. Shooting the logic out of any vicinity in scenes like a young 20 Tia Bajpai in the movie looking same after 7-8 years while his lover Pali (Akhil Kapur) matures from a 12-13 year  teenager to a 20 man with a stubble and shoulder length long zulfein.

The climax is high on melodrama and cinematic liberty where an international shooting competition continues after series of killings at the venue and Gyani (Bhanushali) winning the championship without even looking at the target.

The Kanpuri lingo is absent so are the values of entertainment. The girls - Tia Bajpai and Sasha Agha are added for glamour and songs. Claudia Ciesla item song is another disaster in this disaster.

Conclusion: Trying to deliver at the mass level, Anand Kumar’s ‘Desi Kattey’ gets mawkish, inane and boring shooting at wrong ends for a disastrous weekend.

Rating: 1 and 1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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