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Desamuduru Music Review

Desamuduru Music Review
Universal Media
Allu Arjun, Hansika Muthwal, Ali
Puri Jagannadh
DVV Danayya
A good combination of mass numbers
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, January 10, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

Allu Arjun, is the one young hero, who has a meticulous planning in accepting the stories. Almost all his films right from 'Gangotri' are either hits or above average films. He did never face flop talk for any of his films. He has good choice of stories and never fixed himself in a particular image. His latest film 'Desamuduru' has Puri Jagannath as director, who rewrote the 75-year-old Telugu film industry's history with 'Pokiri'. At the same time, Chakri also has a clean track record of giving continuous successes. With the combination working together, the film would be a definite hit. The director has a good taste for music and the hero has good dancing skills. Keeping all these point in view, Chakri gave melodious tunes to all the songs. While many of the songs has mass beat, there are a couple of melodies too.

Ninne. Ninne.  Singers: Chakri, Kausalya

Music director Chakri himself rendered the song in a husky voice. In fact, the song had got the sufficient rhythm only because it came from him. The song was tuned in folk style with a little mix of western beta. However, the song runs a little scope, possible with an eye to give the hero some scope to show his dancing skills. The drumbeat in the song is worth foot-tapping while the use of keyboard gave the necessary interludes. Kausayla's humming in the beginning is worth listening.

Gili..Giligaa.. Gil Gillinthagaaa..  Singers: Devan, Andria

This number begins with a western hum and the pallavi joins in Telugu. Though it was tuned in an old commercial formula, the twists and movement in the song are a little novel, despite the listener get a feel of listening to a commercial formula film song. The use of bass guitar is worth listening. However, the western humming before the second stanza gave a damn fresh look to the song.

Satte.  Singer: Ranjit

The song's tune begins on the lines of 'Dil Se..' of Bollywood song. But soon it turns it to a novel tune. The song is also has a commercial twist with rich music for foot tapping and also gives good scope for dance movement. The lyric also has good literary value as well and filled with good philosophy. Those who listen to the song will also get a good mood to dance to the tune.

Gola.  Singers: Raghu Kunche, Kausalya

This number is a typical Chakri number. Generally one of the songs in the film that has music from Chakri will have this kind of tune. It seems this is a group song kind of tune. Kausalya's husky voice, which was in sync with Raghu's voice. The lyric has a humming with the Himachal Pradesh's folk tune. The song has rich voice of drums and has a good scope for mass dance and would definitely attract the front benchers to dance together to the tune.

Manasuley.  Singers: Chakri,. Kausalya

Again Chakri joined Kausalya to render this song. This is a melody number with a light mix of fast beat. Kausalya's interludes in a husky voice gave a good boost to the number. After the first stanza the song gets picks up the momentum, with the continued melody. The use of drums, key board and guitar brought richness to the song. Kausalya's voice is very sweet in the song and the song will be good if listened more than once.

Attantode.  Singers: Ravivarma, Kausalya

This number is another mass number. Moreover, this is the title song and hence Chakri used different musical instruments to give it a rich look. Shehnoy, guitar, drums and jazz drums, traditional dappu kind of music were freely used. After the first stanza, guitar, violin and clarinet further boosted the kick in the song. As a whole, the song has good scope fo