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Debutante Director Shouryuv: Hi Nanna entertains all with feelgood family elements

Saturday, December 2, 2023 • Tamil Comments
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Starring the dynamic duo of Natural Star Nani and the mesmerizing beauty, Mrunal Thakur, "Hi Nanna," directed by the promising newcomer Shouryuv, is all set for a grand release on December 7, 2023. The film's promotions have been creating waves, building high expectations, and Shouryuv recently interacted with the media, providing insights into the genesis of "Hi Nanna."

Tell us about your background and how the journey of "Hi Nanna" began.

I am from Vizag, with a family background in real estate. Despite my parents' inclination towards me pursuing a career in medicine, my passion for films led me to work as an assistant director on projects like "Jaguar" and "Aditya Varma." The idea for "Hi Nanna" originated four years ago. When I shared it with the producers at Vaira Entertainments, they liked it, and that's when I was introduced to Nani. After narrating the story to him, he immediately expressed interest, and the preproduction work spanned six months before we commenced shooting.

Did you make any changes in the story after Nani accepted it?

After narrating the story to Nani, he didn't suggest any changes. However, I made some alterations, paying meticulous attention to every scene.

What do you think is the strength of your story that prompted Nani to greenlight it?

The main strength lies in the emotion - particularly the bond between the father and daughter, as well as the intricate character dynamics involving Mrunal. This emotional core resonated with Nani, leading to his acceptance of the story.

The trailer of "Hi Nanna" suggests shades of the movie "Santosham." Is there any inspiration?

No, "Hi Nanna" is a completely different story. While movies like "Santosham" and "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" also explore themes of a single father falling in love, "Hi Nanna" stands out with its unique narrative. It's a fictional story that incorporates elements observed in life and society.

Why did you choose to make a love story for your debut film?

I initially wrote several action entertainers in the hope of quickly securing a directorial opportunity. However, for a debut film director, a love story tends to garner trust more readily. "Hi Nanna" is not just an ordinary love story; it has a heightened emotional pitch. Clean family entertainers like this are essential, especially in the current cinematic landscape dominated by violence and action.

"Hi Nanna" is releasing earlier than expected. How prepared are you?

Even with two more months, I wouldn't consider myself fully prepared (laughs). Perfection and improvement are ongoing processes. While we initially aimed for a later release, we are working with double energy to meet the earlier deadline. However, we have a well-thought-out plan in place that will be adjusted according to the release date.

Mrunal Thakur mentioned that everyone will fall in love with "Hi Nanna," or else she will change her name. What's your take on that?

Mrunal is incredibly sweet, and she made that statement with confidence. Her belief in the film is heartening.

In the current trend of action movies, how do you feel about releasing an emotional love story like "Hi Nanna"?

"Hi Nanna" stands out as a clean entertainer amidst the prevailing trend of action-oriented films. Emotion is the film's strongest aspect, devoid of double-meaning dialogues or violence. It's a pure, emotionally charged family movie, telling the story of a nuclear family. Such films are vital in times of emotional dullness.

What's your understanding of a single parent father, as portrayed in the film?

In a single-parent scenario, where the father takes on full responsibility, the design of life revolves around the children. Nani's role in "Hi Nanna" mirrors this, where his life is intricately woven around his daughter.

How did you choose music director Hesham Abdul Wahab?

Nani suggested Hesham, who was genuinely excited about the story. The music, both songs and the background score, aligns perfectly with each character's emotions. Hesham has crafted a beautiful musical narrative that complements the story.

Whose idea was it to have Vikram's son sing the song "Odiyamma"?

Dhruv, Vikram's son, is a friend of mine and a talented musician. Recognizing his musical abilities, I thought it would be a great idea for him to sing the song. Dhruv embraced the suggestion, and his rendition added a unique touch to the film.

Why did you choose Mrunal Thakur for the film? Was it influenced by her fame in "Sitharamam"?

Mrunal Thakur was my choice from the beginning. I had her in mind while writing the character. Having seen her performance in the movie "Toofan," I was impressed with her acting prowess. The character in "Hi Nanna" has many layers, especially emotionally charged scenes, and I believed Mrunal would portray them beautifully.

Did Nani provide any suggestions during the making of the film?

Nani offered numerous valuable suggestions, and we took every precaution to incorporate what would enhance the film's overall quality.

Pan India films often lean towards action genres. Why did you choose to make an emotional love story on a pan-India scale?

The story of "Hi Nanna" is universal, and our intention was for people of all languages to connect with it. We wanted our narrative to be heard by a diverse audience, making it a movie that transcends language barriers.

Can you tell us about the role of Baby Kiara in the film?

Baby Kiara is exceptionally talented. Extracting performances from young children can be challenging, but she surprised us with her understanding of emotions. Even now, she recites her dialogues eloquently as if waking up from a dream. I didn't have to work too hard to bring out her acting skills.

How is Shruti Haasan's screen space in the film? Are there any surprise roles?

Shruti Haasan's role is significant in "Hi Nanna," and that's all we can reveal about her character at this point. There might be a surprise or two with additional characters.

Where did the shooting of "Hi Nanna" take place, and how long did it last?

We shot in Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, and Coonoor, covering 97 days in exotic locations.

How has the support been from the producers, and how would you describe your journey with Vira Entertainments?

The producers, Mohan and Vijayender, have been exceptionally supportive. Finding producers like them has been a pleasant experience. My journey with Vaira Entertainments feels like being at home. Vijayender Reddy is like a brother to me, and the entire experience has been memorable.

What challenges did you face during the making of "Hi Nanna," and do you have any memorable moments to share?

Crafting a story like "Hi Nanna" posed its own challenges, particularly in conveying sensitive emotions effectively. Theatrical experience and genuine storytelling were crucial, and the challenge lay in achieving perfection in every aspect. There were numerous memorable moments,



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