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Dead Pixels


Season : 1Episode : 6Release Date : 20/05/2023


Dead Pixels on Hotstar has a unique point and not regular characters and characterization.

Rating - 2.5 / 5

Dead Pixels - Lacks Emotional Connectivity

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 20, 2023 ]


Gayatri(Niharika Konidela) and Bhargav(Akshay Lagusani) are colleagues in a corporate office, flatmates and gaming enthusiasts. They along with pilot Anand(Viva Harsha) play a video game named Battle of Thrones. They are very addictive to the game but things change when Roshan(Sai Ronak), a new member in office joins the the game. Above all, Gayatri has a huge crush on Sai Ronak.Who will Gayatri pick among the game and Sai Ronak? How this also creates issues between the friends. How the game changes the lives of these four and who wins the heart of Gayatri, forms crucial crux of Dead Pixels.


First thing that flashes in mind after watching the show is that it lacks basic emotions in it looks sly throughout. The show is a remake of a British show and has been adapted by Aditya Mandala for the audience. The show is about three video game fanatics who most of the time converse in the gaming language. The setup is quite fresh as it showcases how today youth mindset are so much into gaming. The show and its emotions are completely based on a game called Battle of Thrones. Things change between the friends due to the entry of a fourth person played by Sai Ronak.

The first episode showcases each of the characters and their addiction the game. Their thought process, emotional bondage, and behavior are related to the game. So, all those who love video games will enjoy their body language and humor. But for others, things look over the top. The proceedings are showcased in such a way that the key characters have nothing else to do in life apart from playing the game. One of the best things to have happened to the show is Niharika Konidela. She gets a complete makeover and stuns as a crazy gaming expert in her own way. Her getup, body language, and desperation to get into a relationship are showcased beautifully by actress in her.

The character of Niharika looks confused at times so that people who are also not into gaming feel like watching a stranger. Strong representation of characters in Dead Pixels. Akshay Lagusani is also neat in his role. Though he is showcased out of the box in the first few episodes, he settles down as the show carry forward.

Sai Ronak looks handsome but does not get to do much. But still, the actor creates an impression in his role. Bhavana Sagi, who plays one of the flatmates is good in her role. The production values by Tamada Media are lavish. As the show is about gaming, the Battle of Thrones game showcased and the camerawork used is using high-end visuals. The dialogues are funny and those aimed at the gaming community are hilarious.

Ajay Mandala has created premise of Dead Pixels with a gaming backdrop. This itself does not have enough meat to create an impact on a major section of the audience. As many of us are not used to these games, it is hard for others to connect to the show and the characters. The love angle between the key characters is good but if the director would have added proper romance and some regular scenes with relatable emotions, the effect would have been even better in this six-episode web series.


Dead Pixels on Hotstar has a unique point and not regular characters and characterization. Though the actors did well in their roles, the series lacks proper emotional depth and looks diluted for the most part. Niharika Konidela is a revelation in this show which might connect to gaming fanatics but for others it the show looks totally silly and dragged for no reason.


Cast: Niharika Konidela, Akshay Lagosani, Harsha Chemudu (Viva Harsha), Sai Ronak, Bhavna Sagi, Rajeev Kanakala, Bindu Chandramouli, Jayashree Rachakonda

Director: Aditya Mandala

Music: Siddhartha Sadashiv

Cinematography: Fahad Abdul Majeed

Producer: Sameer Gogate, Saideep Reddy Borra, Rahul Tamada

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