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Daas Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 30, 2005 • Tamil ]
Daas Review
Lakshmi Movie Makers
Jeyam Ravi, Renuka Menon, Vadivelu, Monika
Babu Yogeswaran
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Jeyam Ravi is back with a pulsating action flick, which is all about romance between an upper caste girl and lower caste boy with the girl's father trying to play spoilsport.

This may be an oft-repeated theme in Tamil filmdom, but has been made interesting by a pacy narration by debutant director Babu Yogeswaran.

Daas starring Ravi and Renuka Menon in the lead roles is packed with romance and action in the right mix and is sure to regale those who like their films to throb with intensity and entertainment. The director also tries to bring in a lot of contemporary relevance by including issues of topical relevance.

Ravi naturally takes the centrestage, flexing his muscles with bravura and brio. Renuka Menon provides him good company.

The movie begins in a small village in Tirunelveli district where a few upper caste men hold a chariot festival.  Antony Dass (Ravi) along with his friends pull the chariot in to their slum and they naturally incur the wrath of a local leader Annachi (Shanmuga Rajan).

Meanwhile his daughter Rajeswari (Renuka Menon) falls in love with Daas. Her sister (Monica) elopes to marry a lower caste boy Guna (Abhinay), a classmate of Daas.

Coming to know about this, Annachi sends his men to bump off the couple. Eventually, Annachi set the couple ablaze in front of Daas.

An angry Rajeswari in order to teach her father a lesson elopes with Daas and vows to get married.

The couple then seeks refuge in the house of Nasser (Krishna) in Madurai. He promises to get them married.  However coming to know about their hideout, Annachi's men reach Madurai to foil their plans.

Nasser's father Vappa (Salil Ghouse) promises to get them united. Enters Sadiq (Adhitya), Nasser's brother, who plans to let loose terror in the Madurai town in the name of Jehad.

How Daas emerges triumphant from all the troubles and marries Rajeswari forms the rest of the story.

For Ravi, it's a complete shift from the role he played in his previous movie M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi. He has done a good job in action sequences. His histrionics too show signs of improvement. Renuka is an adequate foil to him. Equally impressive is Virumandi fame Shanmuga Rajan playing the bad guy. Salim Ghouse returns after a long gap. Krishna, who played a comical role in Arindhum Ariyamalum, has taken a serious character and done justice to his work.

The movie's cast also include Fefsi Vijayan, Vadivelu, Seetha among others.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has come out with a couple of peppy tunes. Producer Swaminathan is playing a role as a politician. 

Babu Yogeswaran shows plenty of promise in handling a gritty masala theme. He has the spark.

Produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers, Daas  has romance, humor and action in the right mix.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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