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Current Music Review

Current Music Review
Sri Nag Corporations
Sushant, Sneha Ullal and others
Chinthalapudi Srinivas Rao and A Nagasuseela
Devi Sri Prasad
Opposites attract!!!
IndiaGlitz [Monday, June 8, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

The new movie Current is all set to hit the screens on the 19th of this month and this has Sushant pairing up with the stunning beauty Sneha Ullal. The audio release of the film happened a while back and the music has been composed by Devisri Prasad. The album has got a total of five songs in it and whether they have enough voltage in them or not, let us see.

You Are My Love Story    Listen here

A highly energetic number, the singer for this is none other than Devi Sri Prasad who has also composed a fast paced music for this. The lyrics have been written by the duo of Bhaskarabhatla, Devi Sri Prasad and they have used simple words and did not complicate with any literature. There are few lines of English and there is a beat of western and folk tunes.

Rekkalu    Listen here

A song that touches a light base with the hit number from the film `nuvvostanante nenoddantana', the singers Sagar and Ranina have given life to the song with their energetic vocals and the lyrics have been written by Bhaskarabhatla which is in tune with the beats. Devi Sri Prasad has come with melody and a good chorus. The duet has got youthful energy in it and it will appeal to the youngsters.

Ammayilu Abbayilu nbsp;  Listen here

A fast moving western beat number, the song is more of young blood and talks about the positive things in life and talks about the need for each other for a man and a woman. The singers for this are Franco and Andrea, both have come up with very trendy vocals and even the Telugu finds a bit of English accent in it. The lyrics mixed with English have been penned by the duo of Ramajogayya Sastry and Andrea, not much complication in this one. This is more of a dance number from Devi Sri.

Current nbsp;  Listen here

The title song of the film has got few techno beats along with western tunes by Devi Sri and the energy levels are high on this. The singer for this is Benny Dayal who has given a new angle from the rest of the songs and this will also appeal to the mass. The lyrics have been given by the trio of Ramajogayya Sastry, Divya, Ranina and this is also more of a dance number. The youngsters will like this one.

Atu Nuvve Itu Nuvve    Listen here

This song also reminds of the numbers that Devi Sri has given before and the background tune for the number is a typical Devi Sri offering. The singer for this is Neha Bhasin and though she has got her accent, the song looks modern and yet again, the lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry were intelligently arranged without much complication for the singer. The voice is husky so even though the pronunciation has got few flaws, the song has a moderate pace and a uniform beat.

Overall, the album is filled with peppy numbers and there is no room for slow or painful scores. There is love, youth, energy, boys and girls so though the numbers are few, maximum genres have been fitted into it. The album lacks a mass number which is usually a forte of Devi Sri so this could go well with the urban and multiplex audience.