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Creature Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 13, 2014 • Hindi ]
Creature Review
T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd., BVG Films
Bipasha Basu
Vikram Bhatt
Bhushan Kumar, Kishan Kumar

What an irony.. a decently created VFX monster gets defeated not by the sexy dusky bong phataka Bipasha Basu but by his own creator (the writers). ‘Creature 3D’ from Vikram Bhatt’s reliable horror factory backed by T-series is ‘hatke’ in ‘spirits’ and is innovative to have a VFX monster but the eerie ‘jhatke’ are strictly limited to the massy mindset no matter wherever they reside.

For rest it’s just a cliché murder of what seems to be a promisingly good horror concept during its initial stages.

Beautiful Aahna (Bipasha Basu) starts a boutique amidst Himachal Pradesh picturesque forest. The excited Aahna is taking all care of her guest that includes a newlywed couple, a bunch of firangs, and couple of middle age as well to make a perfect setting for the monster to wag his bloody eerie tail.

The guest gets eaten up causing tension.  The local police however dismiss is as a case of a wild panther turning into a cannibal.

So hunters get hired and they kill a panther providing temporary sign of relief at the hotel but when the creature makes his entry in the hotel and starts reaching out to his prey in 3D you get the feeling that your money is not wasted.

Unfortunately, when Professor Sadana ( Mukul Dev) comes in to reveal the origin of this monster the proceedings get as stale and pale as those cliché myths of ‘peepal ka ped’ in numerous bollywood horror tales since decades.

The monster turn out to be some Brahmarakshas - suffering from the curse of Lord Brahma turning into half men half animal who don,t have  a place either in hell or heaven so they roam in picturesque jungles for inspiration for this ‘hatke’ horror creation. Danger its boredom ahead.

After this revelation nothing is much left for the audience as they find no connectivity with the creature adding salt to the wounds the makers indulge in strange antics of revealing monsters fear of fire at the very beginning but still resorting for absurdity of having guns and bullets getting fired at the monster as if the creature is some Anaconda or Godzilla send in to destroy forest and mankind.

While all this is happening Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas Naqvi (Karan Malhotra) sing a duet with zero chemistry. The music too fails to ‘create’ any impact. An unforgivable minus in a Vikram Bhatt’s horror backed by T-series.

Apart from the decently created VFX monster and the proper attention to sound and background score ‘Creature 3D’ has Bipasha Basu delivering a smart act.

But as said earlier this ‘hatke’ horror could have provided all the ‘jhatkas’ if the writers Vikram Bhatt and Sukhmani Sadana have opted for innovation in their ‘Creature’ creation in the plot. The cliché plot sadly wastes all the good attempts including Vikram Bhatt’s able direction.

Watch it if you really want to

Rating **and 1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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