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COVID-19: Saniya Iyappan shares her tragic experience

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 • Tamil Comments

Mollywood actress Saniya Iyappan who recently tested COVID-19 positive took to her social media handle to pen a detailed note on her experience about the disease. The ‘Lucifer’ actress wrote, "So we've been hearing news and informations regarding covid 19 a lot from 2020 and we've been taking necessary safety measures, but somehow we normalized corona and lost that fear after lockdown. And I am not blaming anyone because we all have our jobs and businesses to take care of, I know we all are warriors and survivors and that's how we are. No matter it's the flood or the pandemic...that being said...I like to share my quarantine experience."

Saniya further explained the health issues she faced including breathing problems she suffered after contracting the virus. "So, I was waiting for my test results to come and was confident about it to be negative, because this was my sixth test after the pandemic and finally when the doctor said that I am positive and seriously had no idea about how to feel. The only thing I was sure about is what ‘I am not at all prepared for this’. Thoughts about my family,friends and poeple those who I met in last few days kicked in and made me very anxious, I was totally clueless about what’s next. I was sick, tired and devastated at the same time," she wrote, sharing alongside her picture and a video.

Saniya iyappan

"I went back home, in my room and started counting the days. Thought of Netflixing and to get engaged somehow, but the headache wasn’t that friendly and was hard to open my eyes even. The second day I realized that my sight on the left eye decreased and rashes started showing all over my body, and just to make things worse I was feeling shortness in-breath when sleeping . I never experienced that feeling before. Breathing was so smooth since birth and never appreciated it anxiety was making me worse because I was not sure that I'll wake up and trust me no one can help you when you are anxious (especially when you are in a room all alone). So people, please please take care of yourself , practice all the safety measures. Because corona sucks!!," she ended the post saying that she tested negative last week.

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