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Covid-19 crisis: Celebs found tight-lipped on criticizing governments

Friday, May 7, 2021 • Telugu Comments

The second wave of the pandemic has seen intense shortages. SOS calls and social media posts seeking oxygen cylinders have been all around. Some cities such as Delhi have been affected more than others due to these shortages. It appears that the culprit is a lack of foresight at the governmental level. Call it negligence on the part of the respective State government or the Centre or both, the inefficiency has been comprehensive.

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At a time like this, film celebs have done their bit to amplify SOS calls. They are sharing requests made by the families of covid patients as well as hospitals in cities. While this is appreciated, the question remains as to whether they should also be questioning the governments.

While celebs are doing the right thing by raising awareness about masking up, they have been found to be tight-lipped about demanding the government to arrange oxygen.

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There is a view that celebs have to question the government also on the vaccine issue, too. A lot of States are facing severe shortages for the 18-44 group. When it comes to vaccines, film stars have to first inform themselves before speaking out of turn. Recently, Bollywood actor-director Farhan Akhtar indulged in a 'Toofan' of ignorance by questioning the pricing policy regarding vaccines. Celebs raising valid questions has to be welcomed as long as they don't parade their ignorance, like Akhtar has done.

There are a lot of positives that the governments have done in the past 2 weeks. Celebs must amplify the efficiencies of, say, the Mumbai municipal corporation. It's not like there are only negatives all around.

Celebs have to do their bit to spread positivity while seeking valid answers from the governments for legitimate concerns.

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