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COVID-19: Shockingly, new symptoms have been found in some patients

Thursday, May 14, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Is COVID-19 causing new symptoms in some patients? If some reports are anything to go by, the answer is yes.

The viral infection has manifested itself in terms of affecting not only the lungs but the entire body. In New York, a 38-year-old healthy man was recently infected with mild pulmonary symptoms and was staying home. After a couple of days, without a warning one morning, when he woke up, he found that his legs had become numb. He couldn't even move.

When rushed to the hospital, it was found that the young man had a blood clot in the main vein that allows blood to flow to the legs and the circulation was totally cut off. It took a surgery with two doctors to remove the clot and further investigation showed that COVID-19 is causing serious life-threatening blood clots in some.

That the coronavirus also causes multiple organ failure and weakens the immune system in some children is well-known. In Italy, many patients have developed rashes on their skin when infected with the virus and mostly it happens on the feet.

Doctors all over the world are looking beyond the normal respiratory symptoms in COVID-19 patients, and are exploring the possibility of other deadly symptoms too that the virus may be causing in many.

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