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Corporate Music Review

Corporate Music Review
Bipasha Basu, Kay Kay
Madhur Bhandarkar
Extremely boring
Saturday, June 3, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Composer Shamir Tandon has delivered some decent songs in the past for films like 'Page 3', 'Rakth' and 'Umar'. When he unites with his 'Page 3' director Madhur Bhandarkar for 'Corporate', one expects a reasonable score from him even if it may not belong to the chartbuster variety. Sadly that's not the case as the songs seem to have been done in a hurried manner with not much novelty and spice in them! Sandeep Nath is the lyricist for this film that has Bipasha Basu playing an author backed role.

1) Lamha Lamha Zindagi Hai [Asha Bhonsle]

9 out of 10 times, if Asha Bhonsle is associated with a song, it spells a melodious outing for the music lovers. Her songs have entertained for decades and even the current generation has caught fancy for the numbers sung by her. Surprisingly 'Lamha Lamha' is not one of her best numbers over the years as it drags beyond a point and just doesn't lift at all. It is meant to be poignant and created for a situation but in recent times even situational numbers have been quite impressive. Call it the average tune by Shamir Tandon that doesn't really click with the listener and makes for a boring beginning to the album, inspite of a philosophical trait to it!

2) O Sikander (Original, dance floor mix and desi mix) [Kailash Kher, Sapna Mukerji, Sonu Kakkar]

Peppy and lively, 'O Sikandar' is an item song for this film by Madhur Bhandarkar who ensures that the treatment it gets is much classier than the cheesy 'Kuan Maan Doob Jayoongi' last year for 'Page 3'. An extremely well rendered song by Kailash Kher and Sapna Mukerji, who sing with the necessary punch for a song belonging to this genre, 'O Sikandar' is a mix of Sufi and contemporary Hindi film music and turns out to be an effective composition. A motivational number, it is fast, racy and has a good visual appeal, courtesy Payal Rohatgi and Kailash Kher. And no, it is not vulgar and has been picturised well to cater to the sensibilities of a high profile corporate party! Expectedly a 'dance floor mix' too comes in after a while, though it doesn't add on much to the song. Instead the 'desi mix' threatens to take something away as Sonu Kakkar's singing style just doesn't go well with the song's theme. An avoidable version.

3) Yahan Sabko Sab (Easy mix and Corporate title) [Alisha Chinoy, Gary Lawyer]

You must have seen and heard numerous western music based ad jingles; TV serial opening credits songs and some random crooning by wannabe pop stars. All that and more is combined together to come up with a hurriedly done 'Yahan Sabko Sab' that is a theme song about the corporate world. Agreed that it is indeed difficult/challenging to come up with a song suiting the sensibilities of a subject like 'CORPORATE' but then if at all it was required to have a theme song in the film, it could have been done better. Even the presence of Alisha Chinoy, who is supported by Gary Lawyer, can't help the song much to rise from average at the maximum in both its versions.

4) Peele Peele Do Do Ghoont [Vasundhra Das, Sangeet Haldipur]

'Peele Peele Do Do Ghoont' is another example of a hurriedly done song that just doesn't fit an A-grade film like 'Corporate'. Vasundhara Das is given the kind of lyrics that make her utter the word 'Peele Peele' at least a dozen times in a matter of few seconds on a continuous basis. Yet another item number that is unlike 'O Sikandar' when it comes to a classy feel, it works neither with the masses nor the classes and is best forgotten after the first listening itself. Sangeet Haldipur supports Vasundhara Das for a short while but to no avail.

With an exception of 'O Sikandar', there is not a single song worth giving a second hearing. The album just doesn't w