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Chukkallo Chandrudu Music Review

Chukkallo Chandrudu Music Review
Siddardha, ANR, Waheeda Rehman, Sada, Charmme, Saloni,
Siva Kumar
Alexander Vallabha
Some beautiful energetic numbers
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, December 31, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Chakri has been consistent in the quality of music he has produced in the recent past and he meets expectations in this album easily. The album has melody, peppy and energetic numbers and unlike his previous albums. Chakri just sticks to singing only one song. As publicized in many interviews, the music of this album is good and enjoyable by everyone.

Kalanaina 3.5*  Singers: Karthik, Harini Lyrics: Bhasha Sri

The song starts off with beautiful chimes and a nice keyboard piece, followed by Harini soulfully singing "kalanaina...ilanainaa..". The point at which Karthik joins and sings at a high pitch "priya priya nuvve lokamu.." is the highlight of the song. The song is given a classical touch in Harini's rendition accompanied by mridangam in the interludes also there is a clear difference in the feel produced by Karthik and Harini. Whereas Harini has a very classical bent in the song, Karthik keeps it straight and simply melodious. The theme of the song is Love and written well. This song takes repeated hearing to grow on you.

Preme Paravasham 4.5*  Singers: Karthik, Chinmayee Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla Beautiful.

Chakri has come up with a very peppy tune and used a wonderful Singer Karthik to deliver it. This is a beautiful melodious song that catches your imagination right from the word go. The usage of instruments is good, especially saxophone adds the extra Xing to the overall impact of the song. You would not move without listening to this song at least a few times.

Dholna Dholna 3.5*  Singers: Sukhvinder Singh Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla

It's expected that when Sukhvinder Singh sings a song it's going to be a high energy, high pitch song and that's what you get. Though at times Sukhvinder sounds Punjabi, overall this is a very enjoyable number. Though the song starts off as "Dholna...dholna" it's a totally Telugu song with decent lyrics.

Navvutu Ring Tone 3*  Singers: Kousalya, Kunaal Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla

Chakri normally uses Kousalya for a solo number in his album, but this is a different song that is peppy, energetic and set to a fast beat. The interludes are composed very well and flow with the song. Kunaal and Kousalya do a good song and their voice blend well to make this an enjoyable number.

Everybody 4.5*  Singers: Shaan, Siddartha, Simha Lyrics: Siddarth, Surendera Krishna

This song could be used for introducing the Hero as the lyrics is about the behavior/attitude of the Hero. Chakri mixes the song very well, the song has Shaan singing the song at a high pitch and in the background there is constantly another rendition going on either in the form of humming or chorus or aalapana and in interludes when the chorus sings shaan's rendition goes on in the background. Good beats, good rendition and beautiful mix are an instant winner and the song ends beautifully with the phrase "aakasam ni sarihaddu, avakasanni assalu vodaloddu, Sandeham edi ledu, poyatappudu edi raadu, swechhaga manchini panchutu, naalugu rojulu unna chalu janma dhanyame" sung at a high pitch. Another good song in the album.

Edhalo Eppudo 2.5*  Singers: Kousalya, Siddartha Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla

This is another fast beat song with some techno feel in the interludes. Kousalya sings the song well, however Siddartha needs to improve in his pronunciation of the lyrics. Though the song starts off well it fails to keep your attention as there is nothing catchy in the tune. After listening to some wonderful songs in the album, this falls flat and even the lyrics has very little to offer. Though the song is not bad, you may give this a pass.

Pichchi Prema  Singers: Chakri, Vasu Lyri