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Chor Bazaar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 24, 2022 • Telugu ]
Chor Bazaar Review
I.V Productions
Aakash Puri, Gehna Sippy
Jeevan Reddy
V. S. Raju
Suresh Bobbili

Chor Bazaar Movie Review

'Chor Bazaar' is currently showing in cinemas. In this section, we are going to review the latest box office release.


Somewhere in Hyderabad, Bachchan Saab (Akash Puri) controls an overcrowded flea market. He has been in love with a speech-impaired girl named Simran (Gehna Sippy) since his childhood. A semi-comical character Gabbar (Subbaraju) is determined to teach the thieves at the bazaar a lesson. He takes the help of a drunkard lawyer to put the bazaar in a legal bind.

The key players are oblivious to the fact that a diamond worth Rs 200 Cr, which is supposed to be at the Salarjung Museum, has ended up in the hands of the denizens of the bazaar in a turn of accidental events. Even the Home Mister of Telangana, played by Sunil, needs it at the earliest.

Chor Bazaar Movie Review


The very many characters in 'CB' belong to different social and cultural backgrounds. Yesteryear actress Archana plays a middle-aged guardian to the lead man and her back story is somewhat quirky. Akash Puri gets to play a larger-than-life character, for nobody can touch the Chor Bazaar (the flea market) as long as he is around. Archana and the heroine undergo bouts of pleasure as the hero smashes eve-teasers. There is the idiosyncratic drunkard lawyer played by Laxman Meesala, who keeps Subbaraju's Gabbar irritated from time to time.

There is a backstory explaining how the lead man came to be christened Bachchan Saab. When he has to impress the customers at the market, he flatters them. The single-shot segment that is as long as 7 minutes, should have been organic. A similar one in 'Falaknuma Das' felt natural and effective, especially because it was a climactic segment.

Chor Bazaar Movie Review

Director Jeevan Reddy writes characters as cliches. In order to humanize the residents of the flea market and the businessmen who depend on stolen goods for livelihood, he makes the characters ooze affection towards others. Words like 'Beti' and 'Chelli' are used by characters deliberately. Everyone loves entertainment and fun.

Also, the characterizations don't quite belong to any world. At one level, the film is an oddball crime comedy. At another level, it is a commercial potboiler.

Whole characters are not fleshed out properly. Both Subbaraju and Sunil bore you after a point. Sampoornesh Babu's character has no clear character establishment. Charlie, the unseen force, has nothing much going for him in terms of clever writing.

Priyadarshan Balasubramanian's background score and Suresh Bobbili's music give more than what the script deserves.


With weak plotting and haphazard narration, 'Chor Bazaar' is full of misses.

Rating: 2.25 / 5.0

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