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Chembada Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, January 6, 2009 • Malayalam ]
Chembada Review
Kalabhavan Mani, Aravind, Anu Anand, Sonu, Abu Salim, John Jacob, Raju S Nair, Ronson
Robin Thirumala
Robin Thirumala

On reading the plot about a touring music group who takes up arms to avenge the wrongdoers, my mind exploded with possible of watching a movie that could well become a trendsetter. With a bunch of newcomers in the lead and a scriptwriter of experience turning into director, my assumptions were well backed up with the good visuals of songs and trailers that the makers initially distributed to TV channels.

But on watching the movie, the last one of 2008 (in most centres it opened only by the second of this month), I was pretty disheartened with the entire proceedings with any of the possibilities of the plot, far from being explored. A worthy addition to the list of most miserable flicks of 2008, this movie turns you into a hard boiled cynic or else open the doors to splitting migraine. `Chembada' ends up as another badly made disappointing film, with very average performances and terrible direction.

'Chempada 'or 'Red Army' is a music troupe of youngsters who act strictly according to its mentor, Captain Mukundan Menon's orders. More than being a popular band, the members are specialized in looting and killing of every wrongdoer that they come across in their lives. Manu, (Bala) who is forced to elope from his village after the suicide of his father, joins the troop and finds to his surprise, his old lover Meenakshi (Sreedevika) as the lead singer in the same troupe. She was earlier gang raped by a group of rich men which forced the girl to elope from her village. Manu joins the revenge trip and starts on a killing spree.

The movie has plenty of loopholes than one cannot elaborate on a couple of pages. The script is heavily amateurish and is  cliched with much  unintentionally funny dialogues and sequences, than one could think of , particularly when you realize that this was the one made as the launch pad of an experienced scriptwriter into direction. On screen, most of the characters yell out the dialogues as if they are busy for something else. The cops in the movie appear surprisingly dumb, while every character have a plastic make over with none having the meat to remain in our hearts. Not a single scene arouse our interest and it is indeed more than a torture to remain in the halls till the end frame where the director Robin Thirumala himself comes up to do the last rites of an insipid storytelling and illogical movie ride.

Nothing in the movie expects a couple of stunt acts and a song 'Ente Pranayathin' is worth mentioning. Robin Thirumala's shoddy directorial abilities are equally reciprocated by almost every other technical department .Far from being a thriller, the movie offers the least of the thrills, but kills you in deepest desperation. In a nutshell 'Chembada' is a total  wastage of your worthy time.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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