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Chatrapathi Music Review

Chatrapathi Music Review
Prabhas, Shreya
S S Rajamouli
Littoral lilts
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, September 20, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Keeravani is very much the form music director in Tollywood these days. He is one composer who has managed to come up with something new, even while purveying what is generically called 'mass beats'. In other words, he has satisfied the discerning musician in him and also the craving of the mass market.

It is just as well that Keeravani is handling music for Chatrapathi as Prabhas needs a big hit stay afloat. And a slew of good songs can help him greatly.

The album has a lot of coastal flavor (indicating that the movie has a sea backdrop).

1.A Vachhi B Pai Valli

The sax start is intriguing ,and then the rockers occupy the centre stage. There is a quint essential Punjabi pattern to the initial rhythms. But somehow a new feel and flavor emerges when Keeravani and Mathangi take over. Keeravani sings with a heavy voice, and it sounds different. Mathangi has a special lilt in her voice. She eases through the phrases like someone driving on Lambhorgini.

2.Agni Salkani

A hauntingly bizarre beginning,almost a trademark Keeravani specialty. Then what follows is even more heavy and high. There is a mellow sadness to the tone and tenor as the chorus of Keeravani, Mathangi, Mangari dole out some wonderful singing.Looks like the theme song; and it fits the billing.

3.Summama Suruyaaa

Another mass song taken from the fishermen kind of music. Kalyani Malik, Sunitha, Smitha, Niraj Pandit vocalize with enthusiasm. The tune and tonal backgrounds also add the overall pep inherent inside.Good fun to listen to.

4. Nallnivanee

The only solo piece in the album. Fittingly it has gone to Chitra. She sings with rare simplicity. The tune, with a littoral lilt, is slow and melancholic. Chitra infuses it with all the right ingredients so that it stays with you for long.

5.Manela Tintivira

Starts with a harikatha of sorts. Then it is Marathi jatra time. There is a touch of Marathi fishermen (and Konkani-Goanese) ditty. A motley group of singers ---Tippu, Smitha, Kalyani --- croon with all their energy and enterprise.Good one, but there is little surprise in the way song progresses.


An old world start to the number with the instrumentation being a throw back to an etra behind us. Sunitha's voice is ethereal and Keeravani manages to catch up with her in many places.It is a wonderful folksy bit. The only blip in the radar is the fact that this is a recycled tune of Keeravani himself from a Tamil movie several years back (The Tamil film being Vaname Ellai and the song Kambangadu). For those listening to the number for the first time, it sure is a treat.

7.Gala Gala Gala

An out and out mass song that has some twist and surprise, especially in the agreeable heaviness of Jassie Gift's voice. His weighty tones are compensated by the silken smoothness of Chitra. Good stuff. The rhythms are also massive.

Keeravani is in his elements in mixing and matching. The overall verdict is good.