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Chandra Music Review

Chandra Music Review
India Classic Arts and Narasimha Arts
Prem Kumar, Shriya Saran, Ganesh Venkatraman
Roopa Iyer
Gautam Srivatsa
'Chandra' Melody at its Peak
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 • Kannada Comments


Debutant Gautham Srivatsav has given a sterling opening in his career from this `Chandra'. From the family of musicians Gautham first is no doubt best in many aspects. It is the taste of Roopa Iyer catering to all sections of the audience that is once again high point of this album.

The lyrics of Jayanth Kaikini, Roopa Iyer, Dr V Nagendra Prasad are extremely apt and precise. After the film release the audio sales would definitely pick in the market. The demand for two of the five songs is already very much in the internet media.

Gautham Srivatsav a young buddy is no doubt asset to Kannada cinema industry. He has very bright future in his career as music director. He is already a favorite of dream merchant of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran - one of the top selectors of tunes in Kannada cinema industry.

The first song in the album Nee Seleve Nannannu well sung and the musical scoring makes it foot tapping. The female voice saying Nee Seleyuva Chandira... A very melodious song lives long in the memory. The lyric of Jayanth Kaikini is always on top quality. This is another addition. The feeling of lovers is the main crux of this song. For the movement of the lover the topnotch Jayanth Kaikini, `Mungaru Male' expert has made the comparison with slow rain coming.

Anuradha Bhat and Badariprasad have given the right emotions. There is good hearing of words. The pitch and variation of singers is superb in this song. Debutant Gautham Srivatsav has given most haunting melody in the album.

Tasse otthu Yee Kaalige Nidde Illa Eradetige..a special song with popular actor Yash set in the Dasara festival background is racy number. Tippu has made some of the words very specific. Yaaro Sundari Raani Anthe Kandloppo..referring to the beauty of Shriya Saran - this song is also packed with spoken words. The fast beat appealing to masses is the concentration of music director. AP Arjun has written the lyric of this peppy song.

The third song with lovely Veena and flue instrument at the beginning is a very well sung by Sonu Nigam. Mouna Mounadali aase Bachchiduve a very romantic song penned by Roopa Iyer, Deha Hasivaithu.Ninna Nenadu. Like the singers husky voice so appealing the musical instruments also take major share in this song. The classical and romantic mix is very good. The lyrics of Roopa Iyer explain the feelings of the protagonist looking at the beauty of female protagonist.

Omkaradalli Jhenkara Ivanu..Srikaradalli Aakara a rich classical song and it reminds the songs of `Shankarabharana' of early 80's. Badariprasad, Madhu Balakrishnan and Chitra have given memorable song. The song is divine and classical touch at places speaks on the lovely taste of the director Roopa Iyer. The fastness of this song and high pitch it carries deserves appreciation.

Diranana Diranana..Balinalli Ilukuvalivalu..sung by Karthik is the explanation of the rich beauty of female protagonist. How best a beauty could be put in words - Roopa Iyer has done in her lyrics of this song. The chorus singers of this song are also well carried out. This song is meant for lovers. A female is explained like this, she is sure to fall flat.

The last song `Nee Selede Bidade Nannannu.Nee Bali Iruva Chandira.sung by Badariprasad and Anuradha Bhat is repeated in the album of `Chandra'.

India Classic Arts `Chandra' album is brought to the market by `Swarna Audio'.