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Chandra Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 28, 2013 • Kannada ]
Chandra Review
India Classic Arts and Narasimha Arts
Prem Kumar, Shriya Saran, Ganesh Venkatraman
Roopa Iyer
Gautam Srivatsa


Unraveling the beauty `Chandra' is the main duty of director Roopa Iyer, winner of international acclaim for `Mukha Puta' that was her debut film.

Every frame is so beautiful in this tale of love, provides family entertainer elements, never disturbs the mind, and ultimate is the expression of feelings. In a royal love battle - pure love wins. Love does not have any status. Yet the point raised by director and multifaceted Roopa Iyer is something stunning. The royal family generation not able to find appropriate match and eternal love are handled by this director with very good performances especially from Shriya Saran and Premkumar. Shriya Saran looks most beautiful on the screen and her presence is `Paisa Vasool'. Lovely star Premkumar has given fine performance when it comes to emotions.

Chandravathi (Shriya Saran) from the Royal family is not getting appropriate match. After a series of rejection by compulsion she agrees to accept Arya (Ganesh Venkataraman) son of Queen Saraladevi. Arya is residing in USA and he is completely attached to the modern life. The mind and heart of Chandravathi is with Chandrahasa an Ayurvedic doctor and multi talented.

The quixotic situation is the class difference in this India Classic Arts cinema `Chandra'. Chandra is Royal but Chandra is local (Both Chandravathi and Chandrahasa are called as Chandra in the film). Father of Chandra promises father of Chandra that his son would not come in the way and belittle the Royal Empire. The main reason for this promise is also the Government of India decision on Royal Family reign that is now still discussed in the court of law. This is the research work of Roopa Iyer traveling to all Royal Families and getting hold of a subject for her family.

Eventually in the clash of status that is a big barricade for love - what happens on the day of Kalyana Mantapa. What challenge Chandra throws to Chandra? How the situation is taking by Royal Family etc you have to watch it on the silver screen.

Symbolic of what beauty is Shriya Saran. She is immensely likeable heroine by any audience. Her waist twisting is so attractive and it is in the shape of `Iron Box' - such a flat waist Shriya Saran has maintained. In the traditional costumes she is more appealing than modern outfits. You cannot close your eyes when Shriya Saran is on the screen.

Lovely star is Handsome star in this film looks majestic in his physique. In the emotional role Premkumar is cool and composed. Vivek and Sadhu Kokila combination is a good relief. The song number of  popular hero of Kannada cinema Yash - Tasse Oththu..set in the Dasara festival is a song for the front benchers.

Veteran actors Dr Srinath, Vijayakumar, Sumithra, Padma Vasanthi have remained loyal to this `Royal Love Story'.

Two other magnificent technicians of this film are music director Gautham Srivatsav and cameraman PHK Doss. It is literally a competition between the two.

Gautham Srivatsav three tunes - Omkaradali..Mouna Mounadali..Nee Seleve..are having long standing qualities. The audiences in the theatre are shell shocked when the song Omkaradali...comes up. The choreography for this song and top angle shots of PHK Doss gives superb watch.

PHK Doss is really `Boss' of cinematography. His close up frames of Shriya Saran, using of ambience and giving royal feel, color scheming of Roopa Iyer coming to his help, the dark and light shades usage is sure to get an award for this cameraman Doss.

Editing is very good in songs and in other cases it is expected. The choreography and dialogues written for this film is also commendable.

A must watch film by the family audience. Director Roopa lived up to her name - Roopa is nothing but Beauty. She has given a beautiful and absorbing film `Chandra'.

Score - 8/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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