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Chakri Music Review

Chakri Music Review
Naveen Vadde, Poonam
Lalith Suresh
Old rhythms fail to enthuse audience
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, October 3, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Naveen Vadde has become popular for his good performance. His latest flick 'Naa Oopiri' won a critical acclaim, though not commercially. Now, he is pairing up with Poonam for 'Chakri' directed by Jitendra and produced by Suresh. The film had completed its shooting as well as the post-production formalities. The film is all set for release in the second week of October.

Manamasale Classro. Singer: Tippu

This is a routine number. In old commercial films of 80s, the hero used to reveal his characteristics through a song. This song is also being tuned on those lines. With the sounds give a hint, the song was choreographed when the hero bashing someone. There is no novelty in the tune, but has some mass beat to make the listeners tap their feet. Moreover, in the second stanza the drum beat dominated the lyric spoiling the tempo.

Cheli Chilipi Vayasu Singers: Srikanth, Sowjanya

This song is a fast number. The song is also tuned in an old pattern and there is no novelty. The humming bits, guitar tune bits also remind us of listening to some old tune. Even the opening of the song has a trumpet and drum music of some old commercial flick's music. The music director's over-enthusiasm in giving a foot tapping music resulted in the domination of music over the lyric.

Bhooloka Swargamantoo. Singer: Y. Jitender

This is a melody bit and very nice to listen. Especially the lyric has good literary values. It seems the song was rendered in the background, when the hero is pursuing his higher education. It has some patriotic touch in the end, which indicates that the hero goes abroad for higher education and faces troubles during which the tune is being played in the backdrop. Though this song is also looked like an old tune, it is quite good to listen due to the high literary values and melody.

Dadinakadin.. (Bit song) Singer: Lalith Suresh

The music director Lalith Suresh himself rendered this lyric because it is not a song but a bit song. It has nothing but full drum beat and the lyric was totally dominated by the music. It is not known what made the music director to show his prowess in beating the drums to such a sound dominating the lyric.

Kalisaamu.. (Bit song) Singer: Sunitha

It is also a bit song. It looked as if the heroine renders this song when she was forced to separate from him. This bit song has good melody as it came from Sunitha's voice and at the same time, the literary value in this one liner is also good.

Yettaga Chachediro Singer : Malathi

When it is a song from the voice of Malathi, it could be easily understood that it is an item song. True to the nature of the song, music director Lalith Suresh gave a mass tune to the song. Drums, keyboard and guitar was freely used in the song's tune making the audiences to tap the feet. Moreover the song has good literary value, despite it is an item song.

Yemaindo Naakemaindo (Whether I am in Love) Singer: Nihaal

This is a melody based song. The lyric has a mix of Telugu and English words. It was composed and rendered with good melody in the backdrop. But the tune is a lift of an English song from a Hollywood film. These days we don't call it as a lift but was inspiration. However the entire song was like a remix of that Hollywood song. Nihaal rendered the song in a melodious voice.

Love you love you. Singers: Mallikarjun and Sunitha

It is a duet and Mallikarjun and Sunitha rendered it in a melodious way. There is some novelty in the tunes that interlude between the stanzas, though the ly