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Chakravarthy Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 25, 2017 • Kannada ]
Chakravarthy Review
CSD Veera Films
Darshan, Kumar Bangarappa, Deepa Sannidhi, Aditya, Srujan Lokesh
Chintan A V
Arjun Janya

‘Chakravarthy’ a rare combination of brain and crime may not be an excellent treat for the fans of challenging star Darshan but it has not missed the opportunity of an interesting screenplay that is intelligent and absorbing. The first half is nothing but what we have seen in ‘Aa Dinagalu’ but in second half the mix of brain and crime with dose of patriotism, debutant director and pet of Darshan – AV Chintan takes the film to different level. It is true that the toughest task is preparing a script for superstars are very difficult. The comparison is obvious and novelty is a must. The fans should be engaged, the box office is another point to be considered.

Chintan in his first direction looked at novel presentation by mixing brain and crime. It is only when Sooryakanth a super cop explains the situations the audience would get answer for the right action of the protagonist. That is the mix of brain and crime.

In the first half the film dates back to 80s of crime in Bengaluru. Maharaja (Dinakar Toogudeepa) rules the underworld and when he is eying for a political position he is shot dead. The emergence of Shankra for such an action is big news in Mumbai underworld. The married man with a child Shankra in order to support his friend maintains the bar with no hassles. At this point the police setting him free also ‘Sketch’ a huge plan. Accordingly Shankra goes to Malaysia to avert the foreign invasion of crime to Bengaluru. The terrorism at the international level is also uprooted by Shankra with the support of Shetty a big don of Mumbai.

The expected turn out in the first half, the unexpected second half keeps the audience engaging. Wherever you are in this universe, never forget to serve the nation when opportunity comes is a big call from this film.

Darshan rocks in three stages of his life as innocent from Madiker, don in Bengaluru and international don he shaped up his role very well with very good modulation in his voice. This is the film that should get an award for him in the forthcoming days. The commotion of the situations, compassion to family and concern for the country has come out well in his acting.

It is a case of sibling war in the first half. Darshan shoots down his brother Dinakar Toogudeepa in the same style how a real life don Jayaraj was put down in Bengaluru. As Maharaja Dinakar has given a strong performance and reminds his late father a popular actor of yesteryears Toogudeepa Srinivas. He has a bright future in the career. Dinakar a super hit director from Sarathi has got the perfect ride in his debut as an actor.

Deepa Sannidhi has interesting role in the first half, Aditya strikes as Sooryakanth, Srujan Lokesh, Yashas, Kumar Bangarappa, Sharat Lohitashva have given admirable support.

Chitan as dialogue writer gets good marks for perfect lines at right time. The length could have been reduced in the film by twenty minutes. The 80’s location is well taken care. The change over for characters is not concentrated in the makeup department.  It is 35 years of transformation of characters deserved a careful look.

Arjun Janya has given two lilting tunes, one item number and introduction song for Darshan. The song Usirige….a duet shot on Darshan and Deepa Sannidhi is top class.

Cameraman KS Chandrasekhar has done a superb job using several gadgets. The opening chase on the sea is mind blowing.

This is a film for class and mass.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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