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Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Music Review

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Music Review
GA2 Pictures
Karthikeya, Lavanya Tripathi, Aamani
Koushik Pegallapati
Bunny Vas
Jakes Bejoy
A Jakes Bejoy Musical
Wednesday, March 17, 2021 • Telugu Comments

A Jakes Bejoy Musical

The album of 'Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is out. Revanth, Gowtham Bharadwaj, Shashaa Tirupati, Mangli, Ram, Saketh Komanduri, Rahul Sipligunj, Aditya Tadepalli have sung the different songs. Jakes Bejoy has set the songs to the tune.

My Name Iju Raju

Singer: Revanth
Lyricist: Karunakar Adigarla

Since the male lead plays the driver of a dead body transport vehicle in the film, his intro song philosophizes a bit about the inevitability of death. Karunakar Adigarla's lyrics also present him as a go-to guy who believes in winning the affection of people around him. Revanth's cheerful voice is in keeping with the buoyant mood of the song. Jakes Bejoy's tune has a 2000s-era ring to it.

Kadhile Kaalannadiga

Singers: Gowtham Bharadwaj, Shashaa Tirupati
Lyricists: Koushik Pegallapati, Sanare

Two lyricists come together for this lengthy love montage. The line 'Nee thalarathe maarchesta naa chirnaama ga' takes the cake. Chaste Telugu words like 'pranayam' are deployed, and they are coupled with poetic descriptions surrounding motifs like 'nemali'. Gowtham Bharadwaj's voice has the intensity to carry off a deeply-felt duet and the density of an offbeat vocalist. Shashaa Tirupati's voice is Chinmayi Sripada Lite. Jakes Bejoy leaves a mark with this excellent song!

Paina Pataaram

Singers: Mangli, Ram, Saketh Komanduri
Lyricist: Sa Na Re

The song's visuals suggest that it's about a seductress trying to seduce her way into the man's heart. But the lyrics are conceptualized around the theme of the impermanence of life. Since the male protagonist in the film transports dead bodies to the graveyard, the lyrics are philosophical. Mangli, whose recent song 'Saranga Dariya' for 'Love Story' is destined to become one of the biggest hits ever, is enjoyable here. Ram and Saketh do a nice job, adding value to Sa Na Re's creative lines. Jakes Bejoy's beats let the listener soak into the lines.

Fix Ayipo

Singers: Rahul Sipligunj, Aditya Tadepalli
Lyricists: Koushik Pegallapati, Sanare

Towards the end of the song, the Kollywoodian beats allow the hero to dance with gay abandon, as revealed by the video song. The lyrics by the film's director and Sanare are interesting and in keeping with the hero's characterization. Rahul Sipligunj delivers an energetic rendition, supplemented by Aditya's voice. The song makes for an enjoyable ride.


Singer: Aditya Tadepalli
Lyricist: Karunakar Adigarla

The lazy vibes of the song are deliberate, mirroring the relaxed mindset of the lover boy. Aditya's voice sounds immensely refreshing, and he seems to be so apt to sing high-pitched songs of the type rendered by Anurag Kulkarni. Karunakar Adigarla's lyrics are innovative; the lines string together a set of new ideas. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable song it is.