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Bujjigadu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, May 22, 2008 • తెలుగు ]
Bujjigadu Review
Creative Commercials
Prabhas, Trisha, Sanjana, Mohan babu
Puri Jagannadh
K.S. Ramarao
Sandeep Chowta

Prabhas is one among the young heroes who had a very good physique. Leave alone others working hard and doing lots of exercises to get a six-pack body, Prabhas had the body right from the beginning of his career. It really turned helpful for him this time as everyone is craving for such body. Though Prabhas gave a blockbuster like 'Chatrapati', none of the directors could help him reach the audiences expectations. After running a rough patch for the past three films ('Pournami', 'Yogi' and 'Munna'), Prabhas was able to break the jinx with the perfect characterisation by director Puri Jagannath, who already had hat-trick hits to his credit.

Moreover, the film came from a prestigious banner like Creative Commercials which brought out several blockbusters with top stars like Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. Moreover, the film had Mohanbabu playing a key role and his performance is yet another highlight of the movie.

Bujjigadu (Prabhas) stays in Chennai. He is an ardent fan of Rajanikanth. He used to celebrate the release of his favourite hero's films like any other fan. However, he had a strong wish to meet his childhood friend Chitti (Trisha), with whom he gets separated some 12 years ago. In order to meet her, Bujji decides to visit Visakhapatnam. However, Chitti and her family shifts to Hyderabad and Bujji doesn't know that.

While on his way to Vizag, Bujji involves in a clash and gets arrested by the police. Being a rough guy, he catches the attention of Machi Reddy (Kota Srinivasa Rao). In fact, Sivanna (Mohanbabu) runs a mafia gang in Hyderabad and Machi Reddy was his rival. To settle scores, Machi Reddy decides to utilise Bujjigadu to eliminate Sivanna and accepts to pay Rs 1 crore for the job.

Bujjigadu reaches Hyderabad and attacks Sivanna, but gets caught and thrashed by the latter's gang. But, realising his guts to attack a powerful mafia don like him, Sivanna persuades Bujji to stay with him and takes him to his home. After a few scenes, Bujji realises that Chitti was Sivanna's sister. The story takes a new twist from this point. Whether Bujji makes another attempt to kill Sivanna as per the contract of Machi Reddy? Did Chitti realise that Bujji is none other than her childhood friend? Who won the rival battle between Sivanna and Machi Reddy? What was the role of Sanjana? Answers to all these questions form part of the remaining movie.

Prabhas made a brilliant screen presence in this film. The director needs to be patted for the excellent characterisation of the hero. Prabhas improved his body language a lot and gave a stylish performance in action scenes. There is fight in a poultry farm in the beginning of the film where Prabhas gets a new look. The director scripted fantastic dialogues and Prabhas maintained good spontaneity in delivering them. Especially, he delivered a few dialogues in Tamil with perfect ease as a Tamilian. It was the director who really captured the talent of Prabhas right from the beginning till the end.

Trisha also appeared in a new look and she filled the glamour slot well.

Sanjana, played the sister of Trisha, and has not much role to play.

Mohanbabu also played a very nice character in the film, though it really did not match his image perfectly. His mannerism 'Silly Fellow' is very catchy. He needs compliments for accepting such role in the movie.

Other artistes like Kota Srinivasa Rao, Subba Raju and others are adequate. The major lapse in this film is that the director did not give much scope for a good comedy and there is not much comic relief in the movie.

Speaking technically, it was a director's film in many ways. The storyline is wafer thin and the director depended mostly on the screenplay to run the subject. Being an expert in scripting good screenplay

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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